A US President Joe Biden, increasingly under pressure, is set to campaign in Pennsylvania on Sunday, while House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries convenes a meeting with top House Democrats to evaluate Biden's re-election bid. At 81, Biden is facing mounting calls from within his party to withdraw his candidacy following a lackluster performance in a June 27 debate against Republican Donald Trump. Despite these pressures, Biden remains committed to his campaign and aims to secure victory in the November 5 presidential election.

Biden's struggle to quell dissent among some congressional Democrats and influential donors, who doubt his ability to outmaneuver Trump post-debate, is further complicated by a recent interview with ABC News that did little to alleviate these concerns. Keeping a low profile on Saturday, Biden attended a church service in Wilmington, Delaware, accompanied only by his sister and advisor Valerie Biden Owens. In the Friday interview, Biden stated that only divine intervention could sway him from his campaign, dismissing any possibility of Democratic leaders persuading him to step down.

On Sunday, Biden is scheduled to speak at a Black church service in Philadelphia before heading to Harrisburg for a community event with union members and local Democrats. Pennsylvania, a swing state crucial to the election outcome, will see Biden joined by Governor Josh Shapiro, Lieutenant Governor Austin Davis, and other local leaders. This visit is part of a broader Democratic Party initiative in July, which includes a $50 million media campaign targeting major events and visits by Biden, Vice-President Kamala Harris, and their spouses to key battleground states.

The campaign plans to engage volunteers and staff to reach over three million voters through door-to-door efforts in July and August. This marks Biden's tenth visit to Pennsylvania during the 2024 election cycle. As Congress resumes and donors reconsider their support, the pressure on Biden is expected to intensify. Amidst this political turmoil, Biden is also preparing to host a NATO summit in Washington and conduct a solo press conference.

Five US lawmakers, including Representative Angie Craig, have publicly called for Biden to end his re-election campaign, citing his performance in the recent debate and the lack of a strong response afterward. Additionally, two letters among House Democrats are urging Biden to step aside, with many awaiting the outcome of his ABC News interview before taking further action. Senator Mark Warner is reportedly reaching out to fellow Democratic senators to discuss Biden's campaign, although Biden claims support from 20 congressional Democrats and no senators ready to join Warner's initiative.