The Jacob & Co. Brilliant collection offers sophisticated and feminine timepieces for every occasion in a variety of jewelled case and dial adornments. This elegant collection of jewellery timepieces requires the incredible talents of true masters of gem setting to achieve this simply perfect accessory to any woman’s daytime and evening wear. The Jacob & Co. Brilliant Mystery watch revolutionises the tradition of mystery dials, a concept invented more than 200 years ago by a watchmaker, who was also a magician and illusionist. The Brilliant Mystery Pave Diamonds White Gold combines magic and brilliance.

The Brilliant Mystery Pave Diamonds offers a very special take on the display of time – the black triangular hour and minute hands, suspended in panes of sapphire crystal, framed by a case fully pave set with sparkling white diamonds, giving the timepiece an intriguing transparency, echoing the fire of the gems they are ornamented with.

Movement Swiss Quartz ETA Case Diametere 38 mm Caliber E01.701 Thickness 10.15 mm Jewels 5 Water Resistance 30 m. Case Polished 18K Rose Gold Set Total Carat Weight 476 Round White Diamonds, 8.43 ct.

A brand new partnership with DC Comics emerging from the shadows, a new facet of Jacob & Co. watchmaking comes to light through darkness. Gotham City is a 45.5-mm Bat watch, filled with details, hints, and winks, speaking volumes to every Bat fan out there. It's a timepiece Bruce Wayne would wear - Jacob & Co. created a limited series of 36 pieces in black DLC titanium and another 36 in 18K rose gold, so that The Batman can begin, rise, and return forever a day.

Fitted with a hyper complicated movement with twin, flying, sequential, high-speed, triple-axis tourbillons, Gotham City is true to the hyperbolic nature of The Dark Knight. He uses only the best gear ever available, this one resembling his costume, colours, and style.

Gotham City is both matte and luminous, dark and funny, earnest and playful, highly engineered and, in final analysis, toy-like. Because the last thing Jacob & Co. wants is someone asking with a disturbing enlarged smile, ‘Why so serious?’

Compared to the traditional one-minute rotation of a flat tourbillon, and to many multi-axis tourbillons, 8 and 24 seconds are very high figures. This explains why Jacob & Co. dubs them high-speed tourbillons.

The Batman is all about gear and justice. He uses the former to dole out the latter. No superpowers, no radioactive exposition, no extraterrestrial origin - he's driven by sheer willpower. He also relies on advanced materials, technology, machines, and design to fend off crime and evil - generally coming with make-up. Jacob & Co.'s Gotham City is a tribute to every tool, helping The Dark Knight protect his home town.

The Dark Knight’s Ultimate Tool

By design, Gotham City is both a watch and a metaphor, a piece of extremely advanced watchmaking technology and a symbolic capsule. As a result, it is a totem - a synthesis, honouring The Batman and everything he stands for.

Dual in Nature

Gotham City is destined for Jacob & Co.’s audience, relating to his secret identity - that of a playboy billionaire, nonchalant, gifted, and with extremely good taste. The duality of the comic's character, invented by Bob Kane, is furthered in Gotham City.