This Father's Day, 321 Events is not just commemorating fathers but initiating a movement. The Super Dad Award, an endeavor by 321 Events, is focused on empowering the quiet superheroes who nurture, mentor, and love us without conditions. This sincere homage seeks to honor these exceptional individuals for their steadfast dedication, endless love, and crucial guidance, which often goes unacknowledged.

Zoha Beig, the CEO of 321 Events, is the mastermind behind this project. Motivated by a profound gratitude for the essential roles fathers hold in their families, Beig aims to highlight these unsung champions. 'Fathers devote their lives to their families, yet their efforts frequently go unseen. The Super Dad Award is our method of granting them the acknowledgment they genuinely merit,' she stated.

The launch commenced with a unique logo unveiling on June 11 at Taj Exotica Palm Jumeirah. Hosted by celebrated comedian and entertainer Nitin Mirani, the event welcomed media and distinguished guests, including chief guest Mirza Al Sayegh. The event also announced the awards advisory board members, including Dr. Ram Buxani, Mahar Al Kaabi, and Juhi Yasmeen Khan.

The campaign started with an emotional video showcasing stories from Super Dads interviewed by 321 Events. This was followed by a logo reveal event on June 11, filled with joy and touching anecdotes. Fathers in attendance participated in a symbolic puzzle to unveil the Super Dad logo, illustrating the collective strength of dads. The event also featured a stunning CGI logo video for The Superdad Awards by 321 Events across Dubai. The night ended with poignant poetry readings, reminding all of the profound love and fortitude fathers represent.

The Super Dad Award offers 16 nomination categories, celebrating each dad's distinctive strengths and enabling the public to nominate their superhero dads. The nomination process begins on UAE Father's Day, June 21, and concludes in October. From June 21 to November, 321 Events will host family-oriented activities at schools, colleges, and theme parks, aiming to unite generations and encourage families to honor and nominate their dads for the Superdad Awards. 'This is a chance to show gratitude and love for our fathers, who are often the unsung heroes in our lives,' Beig noted.

To nominate, visit the Super Dad Nomination Form or the Super Dad Awards Website. The festivities extend beyond the nominations. Visit