In the intense heat and oppressive humidity of the UAE, outdoor activities have nearly ceased. Residents are mostly staying indoors, either at home or, at most, gathering in malls and indoor play areas. Yet, there are still a few refreshing outdoor locations where one can enjoy the summer heat. Here are four such spots:

Kalba Mangrove Centre, with its dense green forests and the cool waters enveloping it, offers a serene and cool refuge during the summer. Visitors can take an outdoor tour and explore the oldest mangrove forest in the UAE, featuring trees up to eight meters tall. Inside the center, they can also observe beach birds, crabs, green turtles, and various fish.

Al Ain Oasis, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a sprawling green sanctuary covering 1,200 hectares. It houses 147,000 date palm trees and over 100 species of vegetation, and it's free to enter, providing a much-needed respite from the summer heat. Visitors can also learn about the ancient 1000-year-old irrigation system known as falaj, which supplies water to the oasis through a network of channels.

Shajar, Sharjah offers a unique experience of walking under the shade of hundreds of trees during the hottest summer days. This large nursery by Arada spans over 1.6 million square feet and houses 130,000 trees being nurtured before being planted in various communities. It's completely free to enter and provides visitors with insights into how different trees grow in the region.

Hatta Falaj allows visitors to explore a centuries-old Falaj irrigation system from beneath. They can walk through a 587-meter-long underground tunnel wearing helmets and boots, experiencing an explorer-like adventure priced at Dh49 per person.