Dr. Piush Jain, an acclaimed Indian wellness practitioner known for his innovative age reversal therapy using Ayurvedic medicines and herbs, is now planning to expand globally, starting with Dubai as his first international hub. Dr. Jain, who operates the renowned Dr. PK Jain Clinics in Lucknow, India, has a legacy of nearly a century and has assisted numerous individuals in naturally reversing the aging process through a 5000-year-old Ayurvedic therapy. He is now eager to introduce his revolutionary age management and hormonal health treatments to a broader international audience. Dr. Jain emphasized the strategic choice of Dubai due to its diverse population and favorable business environment, aiming to commence operations within the current quarter, subject to necessary approvals. His therapy focuses on the pituitary gland, utilizing traditional Ayurvedic practices like Amalki Rasayana herbs to manage age-related hormonal changes, enhancing longevity and quality of life. Dr. Jain’s approach has been recognized with lifetime achievement awards and is gaining global attention as an alternative anti-aging treatment. For more information, visit www.drpkjain.com/ or contact: UAE +971 54 5935 289.