Dubai Investments has initiated the development of DIP Angola, a comprehensive mixed-use project spanning 2,000 hectares in the Dande province, located 50 kilometers from Luanda. This project is poised to become Angola's first fully integrated economic zone, setting a new standard in regional urban planning and economic development. Drawing inspiration from the successful Dubai Investments Park in the UAE, this UAE-based investment company, listed on the Dubai Financial Market, is bringing this ambitious project to fruition.

Unlike existing economic zones in Angola, which are primarily commercial and still developing infrastructure, DIP Angola integrates industrial, commercial, residential, and recreational areas, forming a complete urban ecosystem designed to promote innovation, generate employment, and sustain growth. Khalid Bin Kalban, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Dubai Investments, highlighted the transformative impact of DIP Angola, stating, “This project is a strategic initiative aimed at supporting Angola's economic landscape by providing advanced infrastructure and a fully integrated environment. It sets new benchmarks for sustainable development in Africa and creates a strategic hub for various sectors.”

DIP Angola is carefully planned to host a variety of industries, including residential, manufacturing, logistics, technology, retail, and tourism. The park features state-of-the-art facilities customized for each sector, providing ample space for businesses of all sizes. The project is divided into several phases to align with Angola's economic objectives, allowing for flexible and scalable growth in response to market dynamics. Infrastructure, including roads and utilities, is developed in stages based on market assessments and demand.

Strategically located about 23 kilometers from the seaport, DIP Angola benefits from its proximity to Angola’s free zone, which is under construction to build an export port. This location enhances DIP Angola’s strategic value, supported by robust road infrastructure that improves connectivity and logistics efficiency. To attract high-quality investments, DIP Angola offers incentives such as tax benefits, preferential leasing terms, and access to advanced infrastructure.

Throughout its development and operation, DIP Angola adheres strictly to local and international regulations, including obtaining necessary permits, maintaining stringent environmental standards, and upholding ethical practices in investment, construction, and operation phases.