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Living at the sea-side, on a major shipping lane, you cannot but feel the best and most beautiful ships are those passing you by. Why so?
I guess many young ones feel this way, each of us being an Odyssey at heart. When children, we all believe that if we raise ourselves on tiptoes as high as possible, we’ll be able to see - somewhere beyond the horizon - all those most beautiful ships, built by the strong hands of somebody infinitely great. In the course of time, though, we all understand there’s no better ship than the one you’ve built with your own hands. Of course, only if you have made such a decision and have been able to carry it out. Ships, we build with our own hands, are different - just like our dreams. And our investments.

My ever best investment cost me two years of my life, a few hundred bucks, paid for the plane ticket, and a 25-hour flight to the Himalayas. What an unforgettable day it was! As if in a fairy-tale, I travelled to the middle of nowhere - the Indian village of Dharamshala, a long-time sacred ground, loved by pilgrims. It was there that the fleeing Dalai Lama found shelter in the late 1950s. Back then, he decided not to abandon his people but go their way, serving them, albeit on foreign soil. Such was his will to live, choice, way, and contribution. In the meantime, the ship he built gives us all a chance to draw our own routes, transmit knowledge, bring up children, infusing them with ideas and helping them develop their abilities, as well as build our own ships of dreams come true.



The topic of this issue – ‘Investments’ – is 100% in step with the times. How magnetic this trigger for a successful business is! Who on earth can resist giving in to the charms of the word? And who can tell ‘what’ or ‘who’ to invest in? The choice of options is wide indeed: residential property, stocks, gold, and crypto currencies, to name just a few. On the other hand, you can always invest in yourself – your education, self-development, health, beauty, and, of course, emotions, all that worth its weight in gold.

Back in 2019, en route to the ends of the earth to make my long-nurtured dream – to see and embrace His Holiness, touch Buddha, and awake – come true, I, all of sudden, became aware of something very important for myself. It was one of those moments of life when the everyday horizontal is suddenly replaced by the shining vertical of self- and life awareness, making you feel infinitely happy because you are eager and able to build your own ship. The best and most beautiful one! There’s no need to raise yourself on tiptoes to try to see what’s out there beyond the horizon. All you need is keep moving on. Sometimes, even straight up the vertical. If, with some luck, this works out.