Question: Some of my acquaintances in East Asian nations have applied for positions in India with companies establishing data centers. Is there a specific reason for this move, given that countries like Japan and South Korea are also making strides in this sector?

ANSWER: Between 2018 and 2023, India's data center industry attracted investments exceeding $40 billion from both global and domestic investors, many of whom are private equity firms. Presently, India boasts an installed capacity of 950 MW, with an expected addition of another 850 MW by 2026. Consequently, India has emerged as the leading data center hub in the Asia Pacific region, surpassing Japan, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea. This is attributed to the favorable market conditions that appeal to multinational corporations seeking to expand their digital services and transition from other markets. Anticipated demand from technology firms and cloud service providers exploring alternative solutions, such as hyperscale facilities, is driving this trend. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh are among the top states in India attracting investments in the data center industry.

QUESTION: Recent data indicates an upward trajectory in China's exports. Will India be able to capture a larger share of global trade amid current geopolitical uncertainties?

ANSWER: It is anticipated that India's goods and services exports will grow by approximately 15%, reaching $900 billion in 2024-25 compared to $780 billion in the previous financial year 2023-24. Non-traditional exports such as electronic items, automobiles, and pharmaceutical products are propelling this growth, along with the substantial rise in revenues from global services exports, bolstered by the establishment of global capability centers (GCCs). The proliferation of GCCs has not only doubled employment of highly skilled engineers to 1.3 million but also spurred demand for commercial and residential real estate, providing an impetus to the economy.

QUESTION: An advanced version of ChatGPT is reportedly set for launch in India, purported to be a game changer benefiting millions. Can you provide more details on this?

ANSWER: OpenAI's upcoming model, GPT-4o, is set to revolutionize communication on a global scale. The 'o' signifies 'omni,' as this model can simultaneously handle text, vision, and audio within the same system. Its real-time voice translation capabilities are poised to facilitate seamless communication among individuals speaking different languages, capturing nuances for a more natural experience. GPT-4o's unified approach, combined with increased data and processing power, is expected to enhance accuracy and efficiency in handling complex tasks. Integration of GPT-4o into cloud-based contact center solutions is projected to yield substantial automation gains.

HP Ranina is a practicing lawyer specializing in corporate and tax laws of India.