When Bilal Saeed, an Indian expat residing in Deira, attempted to purchase tickets to visit his family in Mangalore for Eid Al Adha, he was astounded by the sharp increase in airfares. Typically, the cost ranges from Dh500 to Dh700, but when he tried to book on June 12 for a June 14 flight, the price was Dh2,200. Unable to afford this, Saeed chose to celebrate Eid in Dubai. However, when he checked again on June 16, the fare for the next day had reduced to Dh700, allowing him to travel home with a discounted ticket.

As Eid Al Adha neared, numerous residents faced inflated airfares, causing many to delay their travel and family celebrations. The festival, marked by significant religious rituals and family gatherings, saw a shift in travel patterns this year. Airfares skyrocketed by nearly 400% from June 13 to June 16, prompting many to reschedule their trips to June 17 and 18 when prices dropped substantially.

Fahim Ammar, another Indian expat in Dubai, also encountered high airfares while searching online. He continued to look for affordable options until June 15, and finally found a significantly reduced fare on June 17, booking a ticket to Mumbai for Dh565. He managed to reach home in time for the extended Eid celebrations, which began on June 17 in his hometown.

The ritual of animal sacrifice, central to Eid Al Adha, can be performed over the first four days of the festival. Those who traveled on June 17 and 18 had to postpone this ritual but ensured they could still participate in the traditions. Similarly, airfares to African countries and Cairo also saw significant drops on June 17 and 18, according to expats from these regions.

Ahmed Najar, an Egyptian expat in Sharjah, had to cancel his plans to celebrate Eid with his family in Al Obour due to high airfares. However, on June 17, he found that prices had dropped by nearly 60%, allowing him to book a ticket to Cairo for Dh520 on June 18.