With May dedicated to promoting mental health and self-care, the world is embracing new healing approaches, including art therapy. Throughout history, art has been a powerful tool for healing, enabling people to express and integrate experiences and emotions, recognized for its psychological and physiological benefits. Art therapy has evolved as a formalized field and is widely utilized.

Today, art serves as a modern form of meditation, with activities like coloring books and mandala creations gaining popularity for their accessibility and stress-relieving benefits. The act of creating art, even in its simplest form, can boost self-esteem and inspiration and promote mindfulness.

Neuro art, a 21st-century psychological technique, is claimed to be a potent way to connect with the subconscious mind through drawing, without requiring prior skills or experience. It offers immediate benefits such as stress reduction and heightened focus. Co-founder Brenda Ganwani's transformative journey with neuro art led her to integrate it into her healing practice with remarkable results.

Neuro art involves drawing free-form lines and later refining them to craft vibrant art. Whether for relaxation or therapeutic purposes, it can be easily practiced at home with basic art supplies. Following creative instinct while making art is a meditative process rooted deeply in mindfulness, offering an opportunity to open up the unconscious and form new neural networks in the brain.