Future of Fashion - FOF Pop-Up
Explore trends of tomorrow
May 6 - July 6
Location - Ft.NFT Phygital Space ChinaTown Dubai Mall Chinatown https://maps.app.goo.gl/w29NUYjXFkAuZAix8

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Future of Fashion Pop-Up. Explore trends of tomorrow.
Welcome to our exciting event where we dive into the future of fashion! 
Shop exclusive fashion items
Meet Designers and fashion experts
Explore digital fashion gallery
Take part in makeup, style trends corner

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Join us at ftNFT - Dubai Mall Chinatown for a month filled with innovative designs and cutting-edge styles. Get ready to discover the trends of tomorrow and be inspired by the creativity of emerging designers. Don't miss this unique opportunity to be ahead of the fashion curve. 
Fashion aficionados and trendsetters alike are invited to immerse themselves in the cutting-edge world of fashion at the "Future of Fashion" pop-up event, taking place from May 6th to July 6th. Hosted at the innovative FT NFT Phygital Space Chinatown Dubai Mall, this event promises to showcase the forefront of fashion trends and designs.
Bringing together a curated selection of independent brands from around the globe, FOF Pop-Up unites under one roof those who are shaping the future of fashion. From avant-garde accessories to premium children's wear and conceptual designs for mothers and daughters, the event celebrates the values, missions, and quality designs driving the fashion industry forward.

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Among the participating brands are Xarizma with its unique and stylish accessories, Zhanna and Anna offering premium children's clothing, the conceptual Elsava for mothers and daughters, VOLKY representing the street culture with a bold spirit, the feminine and refined LN Family and Patrone Cashmere, the unique bags and dresses from UCHU, the intersection of art and interior design with TUD Toy, and many others.

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Guests will have the opportunity to explore these collections at their convenience or attend special events hosted throughout the pop-up. 
Also, guests can experience 3D scanning or enjoy coffee with their personalized photos. Participation in various activities also guarantees guests exclusive gifts with purchases.
Don't miss the opportunity to witness the future of fashion firsthand at the Trends of Tomorrow pop-up event. Join us from May 6th to July 6th at FT NFT Gallery Chinatown Dubai Mall.
When purchasing from 1800 AED, a certificate from our partners Regal Dental and Cosmetology Innovation Center  for a check-up for 2990 AED is guaranteed. 

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For more information, please visit https://fofpopup.com / https://www.instagram.com/fof_popup/