Gold prices saw an uptick at the markets' opening on Tuesday, rebounding from a decline of Dh1.5 per gram in the previous session. Data from the Dubai Jewellery Group indicates that the 24K gold was trading at Dh281.25 per gram, a slight increase from Dh281.0 per gram at Monday's market close. The other gold variants, 22K, 21K, and 18K, were priced at Dh260.5, Dh252.0, and Dh216.0 per gram, respectively. Globally, gold maintained stability at $2,321.68 per ounce at 9.10 am UAE time. The previous day's decline in gold prices was attributed to investor anticipation of US economic data and comments from Federal Reserve officials regarding the potential timeline for interest rate cuts. Financial analyst Saqib Iqbal from predicts a decrease in gold prices due to the Fed's cautious stance, suggesting a price range of $2,250 to $2,300 in the coming month. He also noted that China's gold buying has paused, which could impact demand, especially after their purchases significantly dropped from 390,000 ounces in February to just 60,000 ounces in April.