The Huawei ICT Competition 2023–24 Global Final concluded with a closing and awards ceremony in Shenzhen, China, on May 30. The UAE team, comprising three Emirati students from United Arab Emirates University, secured the Third Prize after intense competition.

This year's competition drew participation from over 170,000 students representing more than 2,000 universities and colleges across 80 countries and regions. It marked the largest offline competition to date since its inception. A total of 160 teams, with over 470 contestants from 49 countries and regions, progressed from national and regional competitions to reach the global final.

Zhou Hong, President of Huawei's Institute of Strategic Research, emphasized the importance of ensuring accessibility of digital technologies to all, allowing everyone to fully benefit from digitalization. UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education, Stefania Giannini, expressed UNESCO's commitment to promoting an inclusive, equitable, and secure digital future for all learners and educators.

Furthermore, Ritchie Peng, President of Huawei's ICT Strategy and Business Development Department, highlighted the pivotal role of ICT in the intelligent world and the competition's aim to provide a global platform for students to showcase their talents and exchange ideas.

Simultaneously, Huawei organized the ICT Accelerating Education Transformation Summit, where 24 instructors were honored with the title Huawei ICT Academy Global Most Valuable Instructor for their significant contributions to talent development.

The Huawei ICT Competition, held annually since 2015, serves as a global platform for university and college students to enhance their ICT knowledge, practical skills, and innovation ability while promoting technological development and digital inclusion worldwide.