Indian authorities in the capital have instructed schools to close early for the summer break as temperatures soared to 47.4℃, leading to a 'severe heatwave' in Delhi. The city officials have mandated the immediate shutdown of schools due to the scorching heat, shortening the term by a few days as per the government order quoted by Indian media.

India's meteorological department has issued warnings of 'severe heatwave conditions' this week, with the temperature hitting 47.4℃ in Delhi's Najafgarh suburb on Monday, marking the country's highest temperature. In response, authorities in several other states, including Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, and Rajasthan, have also ordered the closure of schools.

India, no stranger to intense summer temperatures, is experiencing longer, more frequent, and more intense heatwaves due to climate change, as evidenced by years of scientific research. The Indian Meteorological Department has cautioned about the health impact of the heat, particularly on infants, the elderly, and those with chronic illnesses.

In May 2022, certain parts of Delhi recorded a temperature of 49.2 degrees Celsius (120.5 Fahrenheit), according to Indian media. The upcoming round of voting in India's six-week-long election is scheduled for Saturday, including in Delhi, where analysts have observed a decrease in voter turnout attributed partly to the hotter-than-average weather, along with the widespread expectation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's anticipated third term victory.

The country's election commission has established a task force to assess the effects of heatwaves and humidity before each round of voting. Meanwhile, India's southern states, including Tamil Nadu and Kerala, have been experiencing heavy rainfall in recent days. Additionally, severe storms struck various parts of the country last week, with Mumbai, the financial capital, witnessing strong winds that caused a giant billboard to collapse, resulting in 16 fatalities and leaving several individuals trapped.