On Wednesday, Luciano Spalletti expressed that his Italy team aims to dominate against Spain in what is the most significant match of Euro 2024 thus far. The Azzurri have encountered Spain in each of the past four Euros and are set for a rigorous examination of their championship status on Thursday in Gelsenkirchen. Spain's 3-0 victory over Croatia in their Group B opener, along with Germany, showcased them as the most proficient team in the initial round of matches. Spalletti is eager to gauge Italy's performance against the newly assertive La Roja, who entered the tournament amidst a transitional phase. "We aim to assess our quality against one of the world's top teams," Spalletti informed the press. "We intend to adopt a proactive approach, maintain possession, and control the match's tempo." Spalletti assumed the Italy role following Roberto Mancini's departure to Saudi Arabia last summer, shortly after leading Napoli to their first Serie A title since 1990. This historic achievement marked the pinnacle of the 65-year-old's extensive coaching journey, yet he acknowledged the upcoming match as "one of the most pivotal in my career." He further added, "Players will realize as they reach my age that they desire memorable experiences to recount. This match offers them the opportunity to craft such a narrative." Italy shares three points with group leaders Spain after their initial 2-1 victory against Albania.