Kaikhan Salakhov is a multidisciplinary artist, developing his Cosmic Renaissance project, featuring space architecture, spaceship & robot designs as well as futuristic clothing, sculpture, and painting. Re-interpreting the heritage of the past, the artist expresses gratitude & respect for the renowned Italian Renaissance Titans. Geometry – the main visual language of his works – is In the centre of his project. Following the Pythagorean idea of God being a geometer, the artist conveys the idea of the Universe’s

Architect through a geometrical interpretation of famous canvases, reminiscent of the scientific theories of super strings, quantum mechanics, and the multi-verse. Science fiction is the core of the artist’s language. Now, humanity is definitely not ready for serious space exploration. So, until man hoists a flag of a ‘United Human Republic’, we must focus on improving our thinking patterns to prevent aggressive ethnocentric ideas from spreading beyond the Earth’s atmosphere and waging senseless star wars in the future.