On Monday, several expatriates were detained following the initiation of a security operation by Kuwait aimed at enforcing residency laws in various governorates. The Ministry of Interior arrested violators who did not utilize a three-month amnesty period offered to illegal residents. In a social media update, the authorities announced the commencement of intensive operations against residency regulation violators and other law offenders. This operation follows the legal deadline's expiration on June 30, 2024, for individuals to regularize their residency status.

The campaign, which began on July 1, has already achieved substantial results with the arrest of multiple violators. However, the ministry did not disclose the exact number of arrests made during the operation. Those apprehended will be processed according to the law, which includes potential deportation from the country. The Ministry of Interior emphasizes the ongoing nature of these efforts and the importance of public cooperation in reporting suspected residency law violators. Citizens and residents are advised not to conceal or shelter any violators, as this may result in legal consequences.

The Ministry reiterates its dedication to maintaining security and upholding the rule of law across all governorates of Kuwait. They encourage the public to assist in ensuring compliance with residency regulations by contacting the emergency hotline (112) to report any violations.