FOR 12 YEARS NOW, L.RAPHAEL has upheld the tradition of launching ground-breaking scientific skincare products and treatments during the Cannes Film. The iconic Swiss brand keeps on pushing the boundaries, and this was again the perfect moment for unveiling its latest creations. Behind the scene, savvy stars entrust themselves to L.RAPHAEL for a stunning glow in front of the cameras, thanking the brand for the immediate and long-lasting impact of its advanced technologies.

This time Mme Raphael and Dr. Gumener, the cofounders of L.RAPHAEL, treated their celebrity friends with L.RAPHAEL’S latest innovation – an ambrosian CAVIAR GOLDEN CURE – in the course of a Beauty Cruise. For the first time a famous beauty brand launched a floating clinic. The guests were offered a unique experience before they stepped on the red carpet. While sailing on a beautiful yacht along the seashores of the French Riviera, they were discovering the new limited-edition procedure, specially developed by Prof. Giacomoni.