Layan Verde – A magical place for the real you

Authenticity, safety, and closeness to nature: these have been global trends in the real estate market recently, which is exactly why Phuket continues to attract investors from all over the globe. The low taxes, strong national currency, and well-developed infrastructure are some of the biggest advantages to owning property in Thailand.

Who wouldn’t dream of owning a piece of paradise? The island's pristine beaches, clear waters, and green mountains, coupled with its developed infrastructure, make it perfect not just for vacationing but also for long-term living.

Captivated by the allure of the location, we developed the unique mini-city of Layan Verde in Phuket. It is situated in one of the island’s most beautiful locations – next to Bang Tao Beach. Here, you can live amidst mangrove forests and palm trees at the edge of Sirinat National Park, all the while enjoying all the amenities of modern living.

Layan Verde’s terraced design, panoramic windows, and smooth shapes complement its surroundings. The architectural firm Dewan, ranked among the top 40 worldwide, has meticulously designed your apartment to ensure luxurious sea views and plenty of daylight. They paid attention to every detail and seamlessly merged nature with modern technology.

Layan Verde Panorama

Our complex forms its own ecosystem, blending into Phuket’s natural surroundings. Here, you can enjoy man-made waterfalls, walk through a tropical garden, cross suspension bridges, and relax at a jungle pool. Have you ever lived next to tropical birds?

Every amenity for a comfortable lifestyle is available on-site, including a personal shopping center, more than 20 bars and restaurants, gyms, playgrounds, a coworking space, and much more.

The complex features luxury and premium apartments with sea views. The developer has introduced profitable investment programs: the first guarantees a 7% annual return for five years, while the second, a rental pool system, ensures investors receive 60% of the actual rental income. In both scenarios, a professional international hotel team takes care of managing your property.

Layan Verde Hotel

Now is an excellent time to purchase a home in Layan Verde. With only 20% of Phuket’s land available for residential construction because of its extensive reserves and national parks, space is limited. Independent experts from Colliers predict up to an 80% increase in property values by the time construction is completed. Moreover, the developer provides an interest-free installment plan throughout the construction period. Become part of the Layan Verde community and enjoy the benefits of living on a paradise island!