Pushkin's time is gone and a phrase 'An old man of thirty' is hopelessly archaic. Science steps forward and lets us define the quality and quantity of the years we live. Our columnist, head physician and founder of the Clinic 'Fifth Element' Julia Titel discusses old age and questions its existence.

People are scared not of being old but of being ill and potentially limited. To prevent it means to take the life ruling mechanism into your own hands. Follow your own 'maximum program'.
That's why anti-aging is a story of success. An answer to the question what is to be done today to make yourself stronger and healthier tomorrow. The expertise's quality should be very deep so that it could be integrated into your own 'self ' and produce that unique product 'tomorrow me'. A huge pool of scien-tists, bioinformatics, geneticists, molecular biologists work on it today.
Anti-aging is a system of empowering your own strength. The society is used to consider that we lose this strength while getting old. Actually, our organism is made the way that we can control it. We step into another era. Karl Linney, biologist used to say that the organ we don't train dies. Nothing explains the anti-aging theory more clearly and understandable. Everything should be trained. If it was considered previously that genes decide everything now it is clear that they affect our health for some twenty percent. The rest is our life style. It is a factor that activates genes and shows their features. It can affect negatively or positively depending on our efforts.

Humans and the human cell are capable of adaption. Adapted cell will survive, so will a macro organism. For this purpose, cells must be trained. Anti-aging means to understand what can be done to become stronger. How to use your natural resources and make the adapting to environment ability better. As a result, adaptation on time can cause the higher concentration ability, speed of information processing, increasing of leading qualities, responsibility for taken decisions, better cognitive functions, healthy communication, lower stressor reactions, higher stress standing and illness protection level.

This is especially important today when medicine finds new syndromes connected to social activities of people. This knowledge comes from gadget usage and affectation research. Migration anamnesis is one of the questions patients are asked about, people live in one city, work in another, spend vacations in the third. Sometimes it happens in one week. And it is good if it is not about different countries. But countries, time zones and even diametrically opposite continents are also changed. Unfortunately, man cannot adapt that fast. Accumulated symptoms appear.
There is yet no practical system for symptoms neutralization today. I made an individual systematization for clinics 'The Fifths Element' while collecting and processing statistic data. It is built of two global ways. First is restructuring of habits and stereotypes. Anti-aging is not limited up to healthy life style, but healthy life style is a part of it. And it means more than just eating healthy and training. Breathing and ruling the circadian rhythms are over it but they suffer because of integration of gadgets into our life. Neurological system is stimulated all of the time and produces cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline. Every rhythm becomes working but it should be evening type at the end of the day, switching off, slowing the processes. Every second patient of the 'Fifth Element' has broken circadian rhythms, late falling asleep, early awakening, morning tachycardia, not refreshing sleep. And it just about gadgets.

The second global direction is medical. The main and most important matter is to find a doctor you speak the same language with and who will answer all of your questions. Search and you'll find the medical world has many genius people.
Science gives us prophylactic diagnostics and programs helping to prevent different diseases. This new direction includes many things like revitalization, remineralization, mineral balance improvement, restoring of amino acids, vitamins, muscles' and organs' regeneration. Prophylactic and controlling medicines are important as well. Esthetic protocols making appearance better. In our digital era it is especially important to read your visual ref lection and image as younger. Taking this signal your brain absorbs the information and adjusts. Thus, the young body defines the young thinking, one goes with another.

This exact attitude gives a person an opportunity to realize his mighty. Over himself first of all. I can. I can. I made my choice and decided that I will achieve it. First step to anti-aging is to estimate high your own significance. To feel you are necessary and define your future place. To the age of wisdom when we all will be ready to share our accumulated knowledge we should still be in a comfortable body for not being distracted by it. I don't call it 'old age period' because I consider that there is no period of this kind at all. I consider old age to be relevant to disease. If you decide to be ill with oldness you will be. If you decide to reach the wisdom period in a comfortable enough healthy body then you will be wise enough to realize your significance. History knows unique people who followed this theory intuitively and the best example I can think of is the actress Sophia Lorain. Now we make it in a scientific way and give those who mindfully chose this road this possibility.
Investing in yourself is not just for crisis. No illnesses, a possibility to work, to earn, to overcome all fears cost the whole thing, the system. You should examine yourself, make researches and get the instruments for the work on yourself. Investment is defined only by person's will. The main thing is to do something.