Significant cybercrime syndicates were dismantled in a comprehensive all-night operation across the UAE, leading to the arrest of hundreds of cybercriminals and the rescue of numerous individuals. This operation was a response to an investigation by Khaleej Times, which uncovered the criminal network. One of the largest operations occurred in Ajman on Wednesday, where special forces raided the city's Grand Mall and several residential towers used for cybercrimes. The operation continued into the early morning, resulting in the arrest of hundreds of suspects. Investigations into their roles are ongoing, and those involved will be referred to the public prosecutor.

A similar crackdown was recently conducted in various locations in Dubai, with the largest raid at Rahaba Residences in Dubailand. The cyber syndicates entrapped thousands of individuals, including many South Asians and Africans. The Khaleej Times investigation revealed a strict hierarchy within the scam centers, with telesales agents at the bottom and 'killers'—expert hackers—at the top. A telesales agent described their role as 'opening batsmen,' responsible for making the first call and assigning simple tasks like posting Google reviews and liking YouTube videos. Their calls were monitored to ensure they followed the script displayed on their computer screens.

As trust was gained and involvement deepened, individuals were moved into a larger Telegram group with hundreds of participants. The syndicates collectively defrauded hundreds of people daily, and when illicit gains exceeded Dh100,000, pre-recorded applause and cheers were played. Khaleej Times found that the syndicates recruited individuals from Asia and Africa under false pretenses. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, these operations were primarily based in several Asian countries. Crackdowns in these countries forced the syndicates to seek new havens. The operation marks a significant step in combating cybercrime in the region and rescuing those trapped in inhumane conditions. Authorities are yet to issue a statement, and investigations are ongoing.