Manisha Koirala posted a photo with Kamal Haasan on Sunday, along with a heartfelt message of appreciation for him on Instagram. She described him as one of the most brilliant minds she has had the privilege to work with, noting his diverse interests in books, films, and fashion. Koirala also mentioned how Haasan's book recommendations have expanded her mind and soul, and how his profound insights on life have impressed her for decades. She expressed her admiration for his unparalleled understanding of cinema and her enjoyment of long conversations with him. Koirala concluded her post by thanking Haasan for all he does and is, and for continually surprising her with each meeting.

The actors, who previously collaborated in the 1996 film 'Indian', saw their fans eagerly commenting on the post, with one fan expressing a desire to see them together again in future projects like 'Kalki 2' or 'Indian 3'. Responding to Koirala's post, Haasan acknowledged her kindness and appreciation, suggesting they catch up when they visit each other's cities. Haasan is currently promoting 'Indian 2' and has also been receiving accolades for his role in 'Kalki 2898 AD', currently showing in UAE cinemas.