A British maritime security agency reported on Thursday that a merchant vessel caught fire following an attack off the coast of Yemen. The ship was struck by two unidentified projectiles, leading to a fire onboard, according to the navy-run United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations, which oversees security incidents. Security firm Ambrey noted that the vessel was hit by a missile in the Gulf of Aden, south of Yemen, the poorest nation on the Arabian Peninsula. Ambrey advised merchant shipping to maintain a safe distance from the affected ship and to restrict crew deck activities, stating that the ship matched the profile of a Houthi target. The Houthi rebels, who have been engaged in conflict with a Saudi-led coalition since ousting the government from Sanaa in 2014, have carried out numerous drone and missile attacks on shipping in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden since November. They claim these actions support the Palestinians amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in the Gaza Strip. On Wednesday, the Houthis attacked the Liberian-flagged bulk carrier Tutor near rebel-controlled Hodeida, asserting the use of seaborne and aerial drones, along with ballistic missiles. The US military's Central Command later confirmed that the Tutor was hit by a Houthi unmanned surface vessel, resulting in severe flooding and damage to the engine room.