Nilotpal Bora: From a small town in Assam to making a mark in Mumbai's music industry

Hailing from a small town in Assam, Nilotpal Bora has carved a niche for himself in the expansive realm of Mumbai's music scene. Although he may not be churning out chart-topping hits for big-budget Bollywood movies, his soul-stirring melodies have struck a chord with music enthusiasts.

His compositions have been featured in popular Indian web series such as Yeh Meri Family (Netflix), Aspirants (YouTube), and Taaza Khabar (Hotstar), all of which rank among the top 50 most favored web series in India according to IMDb.

In an exclusive interview with City Times, Nilotpal candidly shared insights into his musical influences and his affection for Dubai, where he recently performed in a live concert.

Reflecting on his experience in Dubai, Nilotpal fondly expressed, "It was an incredible experience. Dubai marked my first international trip, and I was unsure of what to anticipate. The show itself was astounding, and having a significant presence of attendees from my hometown at the concert made it all the more special. What truly captivated me about Dubai was its vibrant populace and its environment of inclusivity, irrespective of faith. Despite not being inclined towards bustling cities, I found myself enamored by Dubai, a city that epitomizes urban perfection."

Shedding light on his journey from Assam to Mumbai, Nilotpal emphasized, "My musical odyssey commenced in Assam, where I dabbled in the music scene in Guwahati. In 2012, I made my way to Mumbai for one of my Assamese projects and was instantly drawn to the city's ambience and professionalism. A year later, without concrete plans, I impulsively boarded a train to Mumbai. Fortunately, I crossed paths with individuals from TVF who admired my Assamese track, Majuli, a tribute to the resilient inhabitants of the eponymous river island in Assam. Encountering perpetual battles with floods and erosion, the song garnered a pervasive following in Assam and presented me with recognition."

Elaborating on his sources of inspiration, Nilotpal shared, "As a native of Assam, Bhupen Hazarika naturally looms large in my musical upbringing. However, Jayanta Hazarika, his relatively lesser-known brother, left an indelible impression on me with his enchanting compositions. Another influential figure is Zubeen Garg, renowned beyond Assam for the track 'Ya Ali,' yet revered in Assam for his extensive repertoire. In the realm of Bollywood, my admiration extends to Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, A.R. Rahman, David Foster, and Yanni."

When quizzed about his aspirations to compose for an eminent Bollywood production, Nilotpal revealed, "I harbored a profound desire to have KK lend his vocals to my creation, a dream that may sadly remain unfulfilled. Nevertheless, collaborating with the legendary Hariharan would be utterly magical for me."