In the upcoming weeks, the temperature in UAE is expected to exceed 44ºC, according to the National Centre of Meteorology. Experts in the automotive industry advise residents to get ready for the approaching seasonal heat to ensure safe driving.

Sony Rajappan, an automotive expert at Car Lynx in Al Quoz, emphasized the importance of various vehicle components, such as the air conditioning system, tires, and electronic parts, needing attention as temperatures rise.

Rajappan recommended servicing the air conditioning system before the summer sets in to guarantee comfort during hot days. He stressed the significance of ensuring the efficient operation of the AC system by inspecting refrigerant levels and promptly addressing any compressor or condenser damage or leaks. Moreover, he advised replacing the cabin air filter to prevent reduced airflow and system strain caused by a clogged filter.

Experts also emphasized the criticality of inspecting tires, as they significantly influence safety and performance in high temperatures. Mohammed Shafiq, the head of the mechanical department at Kari Auto Works, highlighted the importance of monitoring tire pressure monthly during summer to avoid over-inflation due to hotter weather. He also stressed the necessity of checking and adjusting tire pressure regularly and ensuring adequate tread depth for grip on hot, slick roads.

Furthermore, experts warned about the potential impact of high temperatures on the car's electronic systems, stressing the need to keep these components in optimal condition. Rajappan advised testing the battery and checking for corrosion and secure connections, while also highlighting the importance of inspecting electrical wires for wear or damage exacerbated by heat exposure.

Residents were urged to inspect the cooling system and ensure the correct operation of the radiator and cooling fans to prevent overheating. Shafiq recommended checking and topping off all fluids, including engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. He also emphasized the significance of well-maintained wiper blades to address reduced visibility caused by summer storms.

Preparing vehicles for summer was underscored as not only enhancing performance and comfort but also ensuring road safety. Rajappan encouraged scheduling a maintenance check with a trusted mechanic without waiting for the onset of a heatwave.