Contrary to widespread belief, Fujairah was not devoid of human life in antiquity, as recent archaeological digs have uncovered settlements dating back 13,000 years. Dr. Michele Ziolkowski, author of 'The Archaeology and History of Fujairah', disclosed that substantial evidence of human habitation and migration routes were discovered in the mountains of Fujairah. Radiocarbon dating of charcoal samples from trenches at Jabal Kaf Addor indicated a sequence of occupations spanning from 13,000 to 7,500 years ago, challenging previous notions of minimal to no human presence during that era. Dr. Ziolkowski emphasized that the Arabian Peninsula was not merely a transit route from Africa to Europe and Asia but also a region of settlement. Her book, enriched with photographs, drawings, and maps, details the lifestyle and prosperity of the ancient inhabitants, exploring aspects from stone tools to burial cairns, and from castles to rock art. Published under the Fujairah Tourism and Antiquities Department's initiative, the book highlights the region's rich history, including numerous petroglyphs dating from the Bronze Age to the Islamic period, studied over six decades with Dr. Michele documenting over 500 individual petroglyphs. These artifacts offer crucial insights into the ancient cultures of Fujairah. Furthermore, Dr. Michele unearthed the names of two unrecorded Sharqiyin tribe leaders from the 19th century in the Directorate of Archives in Mumbai, significant as the Sharqiyin constituted nearly 90% of Fujairah's tribal population in 1968. Originally from Australia, Dr. Michele first visited Fujairah in 1993 as an archaeology student, captivated by its natural beauty and historical sites, leading her to conduct her first archaeological field season in 1995 and eventually move to Fujairah in 2002. Her deep connection with the emirate has significantly influenced her research, allowing her to interpret ancient interactions with the landscape and draw upon ethnographic information, including stories from her mother-in-law Moza Al Kindi. Despite challenges in archaeological research, Dr. Michele's adventurous spirit continues to drive her explorations, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of discoveries in the Fujairah mountains.