King's College Hospital Dubai has become a beacon of hope for those afflicted with intestinal failure, a condition that severely impairs the gastrointestinal tract's ability to process and absorb vital nutrients. Commonly occurring post-surgery involving substantial intestinal removal or due to other health issues, this condition requires patients to depend on parenteral nutrition. This form of nutrition administers essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream through a venous catheter, thereby preventing dehydration, significant weight loss, and severe malnutrition. In response to the UAE's need for specialized care, King's College Hospital Dubai has formed a dedicated team focused on intestinal rehabilitation. Comprising gastroenterologists, surgeons, radiologists, dietitians, and nursing staff, this multidisciplinary team works collaboratively to enhance patients' health and quality of life. Their approach includes customized parenteral nutrition, individualized dietary guidance, medication, and surgical intervention when required to improve gut functionality. Leading this innovative unit is Dr. Lisa Sharkey, a renowned consultant formerly associated with the prestigious Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, UK. Dr. Sharkey, with her extensive experience and publications on intestinal failure and rehabilitation, including significant research and guidelines on Intestinal Failure-related liver disease, brings invaluable expertise to the hospital. Her leadership is recognized internationally, evidenced by her membership in the International Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Association (IRTA). Under Dr. Sharkey’s guidance, King's College Hospital Dubai is revolutionizing the care for intestinal failure patients, steadfastly committed to delivering top-tier care and enhancing the lives of those affected in the UAE.