After addressing numerous queries regarding the ongoing T20 World Cup during a press conference, Robin Uthappa was beaming as he headed to a secluded area of an indoor sports complex in Al Quoz, Dubai, for an interview with City Times. A throng of ecstatic fans hindered his progress, eagerly snapping selfies and some even seeking handshakes and pats on the back. It was unclear if any were die-hard supporters of the Kolkata Knight Riders or Chennai Super Kings, the IPL teams Uthappa helped win championships. Amidst the typical fan fervor, Uthappa's radiant smile remained constant as he interacted with them. A part of India's victorious 2007 T20 World Cup squad, Uthappa then relaxed on a couch to discuss the challenges celebrities face in sharing mental health struggles publicly and his decision to become a Dubai resident. Uthappa explained his move to Dubai, emphasizing the excellent education and safety for his family, especially as he is frequently away due to his career. He also shared his family's enjoyment of Dubai life, his children's schooling, and his experience as a radio commentator for the T20 World Cup on two Dubai stations. Uthappa praised Dubai's focus on sports and safety, and discussed the importance of breaking the stigma around mental health, offering advice to young athletes on handling social media trolls, and expressing empathy for Hardik Pandya's experience with online harassment.