Rose Ballet is an international yet chamber boutique studio, offering ballet, pilates, stretching, and barre classes, catering to professionals and amateurs alike. Its rooms are equipped like ballet theatres, complete with special flooring and a cushioning system.

What Rose Ballet’s instructors pay special attention to is improving the body posture, the grand battement, deep plie, fleeting gait, swan-like grace, and youth, all requiring an erect strong spine.

Rose Ballet is also a children’s ballet school, offering a programme, based on the legendary Vaganova method, The Bolshoi dancers’ expertise, and the hold-attention technique, allowing even small children, starting with 2-year-olds, to learn dancing.


Downtown Dubai, Dubai, Burj Residences Tower 1;
Festival City, Crescent Dr., Dubai Festival City Mall;

Emirates Hills 103, Al Naseem Street, The Hillsby Emaar, Emirates Living; Arabian Ranches Al Qudra Rd, Arabian Ranches 2, Dubai, the UAE


9 a.m. – 9 p.m.



Instagram: @rose_ballet_kids  @roseballet_ae