Some people are drawn to spiritual practices for survival in hard times. They want to live "a manifested life" and enrich their soul says our new columnist, Valentina Rollen, author of the book "Éveifor llez votre chaman intérieur" ("Wake up your inner shaman") and Teta-shaman from Buryat shaman clan.

People left the bosom of nature and, in order to help them, shamans came to the cities where most of the population live. Ethnographers have proved that Shamanism came from Siberia and then spread over the world. Siberian peoples managed to keep and carry through centuries the ancient shaman practice of their antecedents.
At the end of the last century, the Institute of Ethnography and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Science made a study of trance states of Siberian shamans. The study was financed by a number of American foundations, including the Soros. Brain scans showed that in a self-induced trance state, brain electric frequencies were unusually high.

Many people died in the crushing hurricane of 2004 in Thailand. Survivors reported that some tourists were not able to realize the level of threat, moved slowly, made videos and missed the moment they could have save themselves. People of the primitive tribe living in the hurricane's zone noticed the anxiety shown by animals long before this and went to their shaman. After carrying out the ritual he warned a big wave was coming. With their animals and belongings they went up to mountains and to safety. Those living in harmony with nature turned out to be more in tune with the threat of natural disasters.
The world needs specialists capable of fine retuning of brain waves and returning man into his natural healthy state. These are shaman's practices' goals. During these rituals shamans awakens spiritual power important for his survival.
We develop our souls in this reality enriching them. Man, in our understanding, is not the crown of creation but just a part of the universe. He is not higher or lower than others. Nature is impersonation of God on Earth according to shamans' belief and is the true Temple. But shamanism is not a religion, it is practice. We think faith can be anything but there is one God and He is everywhere.
Life is filled with rituals connected with birth, death, weddings, funerals, secondary school graduations, presentations, graduations, first and last school bells ringing. Life is a global process but distorted perception doesn't let us handle with it, so we try to do it through the rituals, put reality in order and collect energy through presents, speeches, other people attention. This is what rituals are existing for in ages. Shamans transmit rituals opening their secrets in narrative form today which never happened before, previously they could do it only through initialization. This is a necessity dictated by global changes of the Universe which is growing and moving in Aquarius era making us closer to the Big Sun, tremendous source of radiation.

We teach people to communicate with the "spirit world" without breaking laws of the ideal homeostasis, symbiotic coexistence of the numerous dimensions the world consists of. People are feeding themselves with food. Shaman first of all puts and fills with tea a cup for spirits. Burning fire outdoors, making simple rituals in the kitchen we help to establish communication with our main guarding angels — our ancestral spirits. By making a tribute we receive the necessary energy and information in exchange for the food we give.

As we know one of the main laws is the law of energy conservation. If you give it to someone you receive from his or someone else's hands. But it is a transformed energy. Pure energy comes only through communication with spirits and nature. People think that achieving material well being means physical efforts in material manifested world dimension. Plane form of perception of this world makes people live in illusion that there are better and worse places and not everyone has a place under this sun. From shaman point of view, we all search for the energy and there's a lack of it in the manifested world. There's plenty of it in the spirit world and it can be accumulated.

We spend life searching for daily bread, thinking all of the time how to provide food for us and our families. By feeding spirits we can provide our food being connected to the source and accumulating energy from it. Share — happy, rich, poor, unhappy depends on the energy filling and resembles of a gas canister, it happens to finish. And it happens often that people lose connection with their own souls, everything goes wrong, luck and strength leave us. One can dedicate herself to a profitable business waking up at five in the morning and falling down dead tired at night but things go down the hill because her soul wants a Polka-dot dress, teeter-totter and vacation. Listen to yourself, trust your intuition. Do something for your soul and it will give a feedback with things you need.