Business Bay in Dubai has seen many miracles but this one seems to promise something outstanding.  Bugatti in the partnership with Emirate developer Binghatti is going to build an architectural masterpiece, a skyscraper with a vortex facade. The residential building will allow its residents to enter their homes by car. An outstanding architect CEO of Binghatti Muhammad Binghatti talks about the principles of developing the new customer experiences, his approach to real estate, inspirations, the summer roadshow of Binghatti in Turkey and even the role of poetry in his life.

Two family businesses united to build a unique residence containing the philosophical DNA  and design of Binghatti and Bugatti in one. The techniques of Art and Form are expected to help create an architectural masterpiece.

Every family business is unique, and the experience can vary widely based on one’s circumstances and how the family manages the business. Family members often share common values for the business, leading to a unified direction. But I think one of the major challenges of running a family business is being able to sustain the organisation for the generations to come. As such, it is important that current leaders in the organisation provide opportunities for the younger generations to grow and be equipped for future leadership roles.

I was an architect by profession when I took over the leadership role as the CEO of Binghatti. I have always perceived myself as an entrepreneur rather than a CEO in a highly corporate environment. I, myself, have become part of the team, wearing different hats, getting my hands dirty when necessary and constantly collaborating with them. This allowed me to lead the company and achieve the success that Binghatti has today.

I would say that my background in Design and Architecture has set me apart from other leaders in our industry today. Since I became the CEO of Binghatti, my aim has always been to create something truly radical that would transform the entire industry. While property development was traditionally seen as purely profit-oriented, my background in Design and Architecture has led me to approach it as an artistic endeavour to build a revolutionary brand that is easily recognizable even at first glance. This unique perspective has had a profound impact not only within our organisation but also on the way our industry partners and clients perceive us as developers. It has paved the way for a new architectural era in the Middle East, through our extensive portfolio of real estate projects with ground-breaking architectural design.

Not a single career journey is possible without inspiration, especially when it is built in the creative field. My ultimate source of inspiration for success in life has always been His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. He is a remarkable inspiration for me as an entrepreneur to always strive for the best in what I do.

I have also been inspired by the ingenuity of globally renowned brands in the horology, fashion, and automotive industry. The way these industries constantly push boundaries, blend cutting-edge technology with exquisite design, and create unparalleled customer experiences has left a profound impact on my approach to real estate. One of the names that always inspired me from the automotive industry was Ettore Bugatti. In the same way as hypercars are crafted to ensure safety, comfort, and efficiency, I envision our hyper-properties as prioritising sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics.

Since our inception, our goal has been to build a consistent and authentic brand identity through our iconic architectural style. We believe that idea  had never been conceived before in the real estate industry worldwide. It is not  uncommon to see a consistent brand identity being applied to design products from the fashion, automotive and horological industries, but we were compelled by this obsession to infuse this design-led culture into the realm of real estate and thereby redefining the norms of the industry. Our latest collaborations with Bugatti, a legendary automotive brand, and Jacob & Co, an exquisite jewellery and timepiece brand, are the purest realisation of this goal on a global level. Both projects are the amalgamation of Binghatti, along with Bugatti and Jacob & Co’s design philosophy and brand ethos, reshaping the landscape of real estate on an unprecedented scale.

As one can see, we don’t compete, we collaborate. Our motto is “Binghatti only competes with Binghatti.” At the core of Binghatti's success is our vast portfolio of real estate projects that showcase a strong brand identity. Each hyper property is a testament to our unwavering dedication and relentless quest for greatness. We prioritise meticulous design, high-quality materials, and sustainable practices to craft spaces that stand out and leave a lasting impression. Our team of visionary architects, designers, and engineers works tirelessly to envision spaces that are not only aesthetically captivating but also functionally exceptional. The integration of innovative technologies and contemporary design trends ensures that our properties align with our priorities as a developer.

Our brand identity reflects our commitment to transcending boundaries. The name Binghatti in real estate has become synonymous with reliability, trust, and distinction. This reputation is built on our unwavering pursuit of excellence, transparency, and timely delivery of projects. We take pride in creating not just properties but also homes that our customers can be proud of and will stand the test of time.

Dubai-Bodrum summer international roadshow is dedicated to introducing in Turkey our latest and most exquisite projects from our vast portfolio of architectural marvels in Dubai. We are featuring Bugatti Residences by Binghatti, the first branded Bugatti residences in the world, and Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences, a hyper-tower that's set to break the world record for the tallest residential tower.

Drawing inspiration from Bugatti’s iconic supercars, the Bugatti Residences by Binghatti is poised to become a landmark of architectural prowess. The hyper-form is characterised by subtle contours and fluid lines, enthused by the flair of the French Riviera, depicting L’ Art de Vivre amid a bustling metropolis.

The Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences is the amalgamation of Binghatti and Jacob & Co’s ingenuity and refinement. The hyper tower features stylized elements and dimensions found in Jacob & Co’s scrupulous watchmaking process that are both highly aesthetic and constructive. The hyper tower has gone beyond remarkable architectural and horological achievements, full of unparalleled pioneering technological solutions and adorned with incomparable finishing techniques inspired by Jacob & Co.’s horological and design philosophy.

As the CEO of Binghatti, my vision for the company's future is focused on becoming a pioneering luxury developer on a global scale. This 2023, we aim to solidify our position by expanding our collaboration footprint with more globally leading brands from various sectors. By partnering with these esteemed brands, we seek to bring their expertise and knowledge from decades of operating in their respective industries into the real estate sector. We are excited to announce more details about these partnerships soon this year.

One of our key goals for 2023 is to elevate our product range to a whole new level by incorporating cutting-edge technology. Our ambition is to conceive a real estate project that transcends the boundaries of innovation and stands far ahead of its time. To achieve this, our team of architects, designers, and engineers, has been actively engaged in multiple prototyping exercises involving advanced technologies, such as voice recognition, automated fly-back mechanisms for interior elements like kitchen cabinets, and many other innovative ideas. Through these innovations, we aim to revolutionise the entire real estate industry and create homes that provide an incomparable living experience.

Finally, from a commercial perspective, we have set our sights on significant growth in 2023. Our goal is to triple our annual turnover and achieve exceptional financial performance. This ambitious target reflects our confidence in our projects, partnerships, and the dedication of our team to drive success.

As a CEO, my life is often defined by the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, with a focus on leading Binghatti to new heights. But just like anyone, I believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. In my spare time, I find solace and fulfilment in two distinct yet equally rewarding pursuits: my fitness journey and writing poetry. Maintaining peak physical and mental performance in the competitive business landscape is crucial. Regular exercise not only boosts my energy levels and improves focus during working hours but also serves as a form of stress relief, allowing me to approach challenges with a clear and composed mind. In contrast to the structured and data-driven world of business, I find great joy in expressing myself creatively through writing poetry. Poetry is an avenue for self-reflection and introspection. It allows me to explore my thoughts, feelings, and observations about the world in a way that transcends the confines of business language. My fitness journey keeps me physically and mentally strong while writing poetry enriches my soul and offers an escape from the rigours of the business world. These two passions make me  begin every new day ready to transcend the boundaries of the most daring dreams.