Doctors utilized a modified ‘Hasson entry technique’ to successfully carry out a complex surgery to remove a six-cm large ovarian cyst from a 26-year-old woman who was experiencing severe pain and complications at 26 weeks into her pregnancy.

Layla (name changed upon request), an expat patient from the region, was in unbearable pain when she arrived at M42’s Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women and Children. Diagnostics scans, including an MRI, revealed a sizable ovarian cyst. Due to Layla’s persistent symptoms and suspicion of ovarian torsion, urgent surgery was recommended by Dr Mohammed Kattan, a urogynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon specializing in benign gynaecology. Layla consented to the procedure after being informed of the associated risks.

Dr Kattan emphasized that the surgical procedure presented a significant challenge, requiring a laparoscopic approach due to the cyst’s size and positioning. The Hasson entry technique, a modified method used in laparoscopic surgery, was described by Dr Kattan, involving recorded vision and step-by-step layering to access the uterus. With the aid of specialized equipment and collaborative efforts from the theatre team, Dr Kattan demonstrated intricate maneuvers within the tight confines of Layla’s abdomen. Through the modified entry technique and strategic port placements, the surgical team managed the complexities of dissecting tissues and detaching the cyst.

Dr Kattan commended his team's collaborative spirit, which ensured a safe and successful outcome for both the mother and the unborn child. Layla required a few weeks of recovery post-operation and later visited Dr Kattan with her newborn. She expressed her gratitude for the approach taken by the medical team and her relief that the initial pain had been alleviated after the surgery.