TECHNAL, a trailblazer in architectural aluminium building systems, was established in France in 1960 and expanded to the Middle East in 1978, offering superior innovative aluminium solutions for windows, doors, and facades in numerous prestigious projects. Over the years, TECHNAL has cemented its reputation in the region by consistently providing innovative, sustainable solutions that cater to the unique climatic and aesthetic needs of the area.

TECHNAL's expertise in innovative architectural solutions led to its participation in the construction of the iconic Wasl Tower from 2017. Designed as a symbol of modernity and sustainability, Wasl Tower aligns perfectly with TECHNAL's dedication to cutting-edge design and environmental responsibility. TECHNAL's extensive experience in high-rise projects, capable of withstanding significant wind pressures, air and water tightness, and high acoustic performances, as well as innovative complex façade solutions with unique design requirements, including twisted and bending forms, was crucial in being chosen for the striking twisting façade of Wasl Tower.

TECHNAL has refined its skills in developing and implementing facade systems that meet the stringent demands of complex geometry and high-rise architecture. Our established track record of success in similar projects instilled confidence in Wasl's stakeholders to entrust TECHNAL with this landmark project,” states Sam Robinson, Vice-President of Hydro Building Systems MEAAA, of which TECHNAL is a part. TECHNAL's contribution to Wasl Tower extends beyond conventional facade solutions. The team introduced cutting-edge technologies and materials to ensure the building's design met both aesthetic and functional requirements.

The bespoke aluminium systems developed for the project were engineered to provide exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation, essential in Dubai's extreme climate. These systems also incorporated advanced and heavy shading solutions to reduce energy consumption, aligning with the project's sustainability goals. Wasl Tower, standing 302 meters tall with 63 floors, features a facade system designed by TECHNAL, including bespoke unitised facades with cold bending and kink panels, covering a total area of 41,875 square meters and weighing 1,100 metric tonnes.

One of the key factors in TECHNAL's success was their collaborative approach. Working closely with its customer and façade contractor, Technical Glass and Aluminium, the project's architects UN STUDIO team, engineers from Werner Sobek, IBECE and Wasl Asset Management Group, TECHNAL ensured that every element of the facade system was perfectly integrated with the overall design needs. Robinson confirms: “This partnership facilitated real-time problem-solving and innovation, resulting in a facade that not only looks stunning but also performs exceptionally well under the region's harsh weather conditions.”

All materials used in the magnificent Wasl Tower adhere to strict environmental standards and contribute to the project's overall sustainability targets. This was also possible due to TECHNAL being part of the HYDRO group, a global leader in aluminium and renewable energy and a world leader in the supply of low carbon aluminium — Hydro CIRCAL has helped over 300 buildings save more than 1,500,000 (1.5 million) tons of embodied carbon. “HYDRO group's strength in sharing extensive technical knowledge, providing advanced research and development resources has undoubtedly enhanced the engineering, performance and energy efficiency of TECHNAL's facade systems for the Wasl Tower,” asserts Robinson.

Wasl Tower is a landmark project in TECHNAL's portfolio, showcasing the company's ability to deliver top-tier architectural solutions. It highlights TECHNAL's proficiency in creating iconic structures that balance aesthetic beauty, complex geometry with functional performance. This achievement strengthens TECHNAL's reputation both in the Middle East and globally, reaffirming their leadership in innovative aluminium façade systems. “Together with our customer and aluminium contractor — Technical Glass and Aluminium, TECHNAL's involvement in Wasl Tower is more than just a testament to our technical prowess. It underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural design and sustainability. The project exemplifies TECHNAL's dedication to collaborating with architects, engineers, and developers to bring visionary concepts to fruition. This relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation distinguishes TECHNAL in the industry and sets the stage for our continued success in future iconic projects in Dubai and Beyond,” concludes Robinson, who believes that Dubai’s 2040 master plan and UAE’s Vision 2031 provide a great opportunity for TECHNAL to provide energy efficient, low carbon and people centric windows, doors and façade solutions.

Indeed, the future looks exciting and promising for TECHNAL, particularly where continued investment in ambitious architectural projects is driving demand for sustainable, high-performance building systems like the Wasl Tower.