Though Pyrrhus of Epirus was known as a great tactician, his victory has been mentioned so particularly recently, as being equaled to a defeat, presented an unforgettable indelible lesson to all living after.  Simultaneously even devoted either to warlords or whom being far away from war at all. Indeed, if think it over we are daily being at a war either inside or outside us. But man’s having won in another fight with life is not able to sadden the perception of the ultimately lost war. It isn’t lost. Whatever has occurred to a man, if he is alive, the fight is to be continued. As for the challenge that makes you move forward — Liana Davidyan, the CEO of AVRORACLINIC.

While my defending the thesis, my superviser, introducing me to the thesis commission, suddenly said: "Liana is a person who is capable of putting up with hardships. More exactly, her working is better in extreme situations than in quiet ones." Why this information was announced, was completely incomprehensible for me but it was damn pleasant. At that time, being a twenty-year old girl, I used to be happy with hearing any praise. Could I have known then it was not just a simple personal characteristic, but a description of my destiny?
One day, when finally I implement my cherished dream, — shall sit on the seashore, open my laptop and start writing my memoirs, — their chosen epigraph will be a para-phrased line taken from one of a most famous opera part: "All our life is a struggle". I can’t recollect none of bright life situation, being not challenged since the first step firstly. The scales were absolutely various, incomparable. The initiators of that challenge were multi diverse. Time of that challenge is disastrously occasional. Being always imminent. That conclusion of mine was made early enough and since those times I have constantly met its confirma-tions.

Challenge is hard to be ignored. Having turned away from it, there is a risk in meeting yourself with you in unrealized future. Even there can be a dialogue between the present you and the unoccured you. This conversation will be kind, with a slight reproach. With unannounced regret. With a sincere sorrow about the neglected opportunity. Thus not only because the re-sult of beaten challenge can be "touched". They can be even written down with praising and telling stories. They build up those support stairs with the help of which you are stepping into a spiral staircase. A little bit upside and a little bit aside, periodically looking over your shoulder. Every such a story is a new side of yours. You are standing in front of the members of the Moscow Government and winning the first auction in invest projects in its history. Be hold — organize all Russian conference with the meeting at the Federation Council. Do you see? You, despite having vet’s verdict, prolong your pug’s life for 4 years. On one spring day challenging yourself you sit at the helm of a helicopter, implementing your dream. And here you have been creating the clinic, becoming the best in Russia, and challenging the tradition. The other time, not planning at all, appear to be in an uncomfortable car and be driving through a foreign country, having been at the wheel for 14 hours and a half. On a far October evening being faced with a drunken debaucher, you took away his axe (the main thing is never to tell mother).
On one of recent stairs you, being with a broken leg, are attending theatres and secular parties, being named a heroine, but sincerely misunderstanding why? As a hardship, a challenge is not a reason for complaining or suffering indeed. This is the way of revealing your own abilities, having received a "magical kick". There is a mighty hidden impelling power in each challenge. It is indisputably capable of sweeping everything away in its way, even involving person’s naive notions about being omnipotent. But if you learn to use this energy, much better manage it, a truly limitless palette of opportunities is revealed. The only thing to be remembered is not every accepted challenge may result in an absolute victory. But it is unlikely to be Pyrrhus’s.