Money has one little examined aspect con-nected to the topic of human relationships where it plays an important part, the culture of spending. Our columnist, owner of Le Grand Bazar boutique and Stomatologia 31 Clinic's Julia Rempel discusses the way money affects the family, future society and what will change in the same way money is influenced by digital technologies.

Money is the means by which our lives become convenient and comfortable. Good medicine, kindergartens, universities, it affects our life quality from our first days and we depend on it. Today the form of money changes and so does the world. Soon we won't have to push the buttons, information about our financial situation will be read from our retinas, we will pay for things we buy by a sight. At the same time our borders will become transparent, we won't be able to hide into the world of cash. It is sad but inevitable, we move to the erasing of our personal borders and it doesn't depend on our will.
Life dynamics, the need to earn money affect personal communication, people don't have time for love, feeling with all of their hearts, we start to resemble robots. These factors may disrupt the family as a unit. Practical attitudes destroy the base of romance; cinema, flowers, coffee in a cafe with someone you love is sometimes considered a waste of money rather than a necessity and pleasure. Young couples rarely make big weddings to avoid useless expenses. Marriage partners forget that the family is a special type of partnership not found elsewhere.

Money, family and gender are connected and it also affects all spheres of life. In Europe and America female leadership in business is considered to be normal for a long time already and the same process is happening in Russia. All well and good. On one hand woman was made to keep the warmth of the family hearth and I totally agree with that. Family is not a toy, you have to dedicate time to it. Business shouldn't prevent you from spending time with family, it should be organized taking this into consideration. If this condition is met then on the other hand financial success becomes one more mechanism of making family stronger, higher social status and independence are always attractive.
One more difficult family life moment is financial interaction of parents and children. On one hand, providing our children with everything they need we deprive their interest in earning themselves, fulfilling their own wishes, because the previous generation made everything for them. There are many examples of rich parents' children who inherited money, wasted it in a couple of years and were not able to do anything by themselves at all. On the other hand, any person who earned money starts to help others, takes part in charity. And being a mother, I think, what exactly are we doing? We help other people. And what about our children? And here's the point I conclude, the necessity to make parents-children interactive 'Culture of spending money' on a regular basis. It is better to teach children the way that in future they will be able to use money correctly, to make them acquire financial culture. No one would guarantee us success but we should definitely do it. The base of it can be a formula for using parents' capital, ways, time and reasons of usage. This practice is common in Europe and America, it shows that with this attitude children will less likely make mistakes. They will have better chances to build a normal life, normal family and may be continue the family tradition of teaching the financial culture.

The best way to invest is to pay for children's education, to let them choose the field they will find themselves in. A person can't be happy doing the job he doesn't like. This is something you should never refuse to spend money on and this is the way to be confident in the happiness of the children who happens to be in our hands.
As notions money and happiness are not connected at all. You buy a picture with money. But happiness is an inner and very deep feeling. You can have lots of money but never enjoy it deeply. You can have Côte d'Azur front of your eyes but still be unhappy. But if you do the job you like, enjoy it every day than you got a chance to become a truly happy person.