Question: What’s the role of HR: protecting the company or supporting the employees? Answer: Imagine HR as the Mary Poppins of the corporate realm—'practically perfect' in steering an organization to strategic success through its people. With an endless bag of insights and initiatives, HR aims to bring out the 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' in each employee. Inside this bag, you'll discover a compass for career navigation, a mirror reflecting true potential, and a dose of encouragement for professional growth. They transform training into adventures, banishing 'boring' and making learning as exhilarating as kite-flying. HR also surprises with workshops on work-life balance and tools that convert 'overtime' into 'me-time'. However, HR isn’t just about tidying up or paperwork; they orchestrate the workplace symphony, keeping an eye on the winds of change to ensure every employee is prepared to navigate correctly. They are the guardians of culture, designers of engagement, and creators of a productive, diverse, and inclusive workplace. HR adds a touch of magic not just to meet requirements but to connect with the heart of the organization—its people. They are the silent facilitators of success, ensuring each individual can thrive at work, transforming the workplace into a platform for personal and professional development. It's about infusing roles with passion, purpose, and performance, delivering the 'Poppins promise' with an umbrella always ready to unfold new opportunities.

Roujin Ghamsari, a distinguished HR professional and fellow of the CIPD, is recognized among the 'Most Influential HR Practitioners 2023'. She excels in collaborating with top leadership to develop and execute comprehensive people strategies, enabling organizations to achieve their strategic goals.