We live in a world where at the first sight everything can be bought and sold. But why then it happens so often that a person buys something he was dreaming of and feels disappointed? People try hard to answer the question if happiness is money but the answer is simple and obvious, it's inside of us. Our columnist, co-owner of Finex Company Group, Marina Melekhova explains.

There was a time when I felt sure that after earning and spending my first million I would be happy. I earned it but there was no magic. I didn't feel emotions I was expecting to feel, there was some change of notions. Money is a whole philosophy, it's power and big possibilities but if it is your only trump card in life you won't become truly rich.
We are creators of ourselves. We decide and define what we want in this life, how much we will earn, what we deserve and how we want to live this life. This world and Universe have enough for each of us. There is no limit for wealth and any of us can reach the high enough material level. Everyone wants to earn a lot but there are not many people who understand what money is and are able to earn it. Money is material, consciousness and at the same time result of creativity, thoughts, labour, cooperation with people. Your material level depends as well from people around you, team of your adherents and people involved into your goals and life. All genius things are simple, follow your mission, trust your intuition, overcome difficulties and failures and you will be successful for sure.

Material for me is a resource for not material things. I move in the world of money easily and passionately, I launch new projects if their ideas attract me and is new in the market. Trying new things is a pleasure and creativity gives a feeling of flight, possibility to create is above money for me. At the same time your attitude towards money should be easy, you have it today, tomorrow you don't, life shouldn't depend on it that very much. You should be easy on everything, this is the condition for the circulation of financial flow and making a high scale business.
Money should make miracles. If you see life as an everyday miracle and live in it then ruling the money flow resource you can make other people happier. I understand the sense of earned money when I am able to do for someone something needed in this particular life moment. It gives life power, makes us happy. My attention and sources are pointed at younger generation as well with its new vision and ideas, tomorrow this investment will take a wing and resource as a consequence will attract money like a magnet.
Mindfulness and clearness are our epoch's trends because all the answers to all hardest questions are inside of our consciousness. Not all of the questions are solved by money in this world I am pretty much sure of it. There are things I put above money. Time you never can buy with all of the money in the world. Love every one of us need so much. We see the confirmation of this thought everywhere. Not a long time ago in the British newsfeed I saw an article about growing demand for professional cuddlers services, people just hug for money. Prices for this service are quite high but this doesn't stop clients. Brought to an absurd form attempt to cope with the existential loneliness and have a small depersonalized piece of human warmth, imitation of love is a bright illustration of a simple thought, there is nothing more important than attention and care.

As a woman existing in the business field I can affirm: yes, we own power and flexibility and can be as successful in business as men are. There are wise, powerful, genius women in business and politics, this is their mission in this world. But their families and children don't get enough of that warmth and love they feel lack of throughout all of their lives then.

Family is one more value over money.

We are originally created to prolong the human genus, it is our primary task and man came to create and earn to this world. The level of self-realization of women in business is lower and her mission is to support her man.