We often hear the words "stylish person" and we know for sure: it has a positive semantics. We like when it is said about us. There is a reason for the folk wisdom words: they meet by clothes… But not many people know what these words mean actually. How to find the style which suits you, how to find yourself this way — to reflect the harmony of inner you and your appearance, — our columnist, the owner of boutique Le Grand Bazar Julia Rempel tells.

The clothes we choose help us to make a day's mood, it is important as well what our inner and conscious feeling is. We wake up and tell the world: "Good morning, I'm thankful for the new day". Then it is in our hands: we can make ourselves strong or we can destroy ourselves. By making our day's mood by the choice of stylish clothes we fill ourselves with power.
I don't recommend people to choose some certain style. You can wake up like some other person and that doesn't mean that you are not able to make a choice, it is about expressing yourself. There are different features inside of me same as in other people but how to express it without being an actress? I do it by my clothes. Dressing differently I play different roles.

You have to play always and it doesn't contradict the necessity of being yourself. When a person stops playing he or she becomes dull and boring for everyone: for society, for his partner, for himself.
— Julia Rempel

As the first task of the conscious choice of clothes is to express yourself so for a woman there's another eternal goal: man's interest. Through clothing we send impulses to men but this is not the main point. It comes from the an-cient times that man is a hunter and a hunter is bored to chase the same habitual quarry. By chang-ing images we always attract our partner.

Stanislavsky once addressed the cloakroom department: "The theatre starts with the hanger". That's right. As for us the day starts with hangers in our wardrobe. Some things may not happen and we can loose the chance if we didn't make a right impression from the first sight. This is a tiny moment of crossing the power of style and chance. One should be very careful with dressing clothes can attract and push away. It is important where you go and whom are you going to contact. At the same time you shouldn't deny your need to attract. Just remember knowing the limits: don't dress yourself as a podium star if you meet the consul. Find balance in everything: don't abuse with the brand clothes, if you are dressed in brands from tip toe to the top you just tell about you financial position and this is not the most interesting message to the world. The comfortable clothing is a modern trend but don't forget to be feminine  sometimes you can use classic high heels.
There's one important moment here: I put tact on high position in communication process. Some friends make "anticompliments" may be even of the best impulses but we should remember about the necessity of being tactful. If there's no request for you esteem you are better to keep it not to bring the negative energy into the world. It is possible only among the closest people on the condition that they expect it from you and this won't ever spoil their day.

Sometimes the yesterday's bad esteem of your looks affects so that a person loses his self sureness. For example we made a beautiful image for one of our loyal clients. She tried it and said: "Great! I like it, it's fashionable. But I'm scared, I won't dare to go out like this, because I have no idea of the reaction of other people". "Do you like it? I answered, then you must wear it". Don't think about other people opinions. When you meet your fear and overcome it you become stronger and people by all means feel it. This signals are read and it becomes another source of power for you.

Charismatically self sure person possesses a power of attraction. And there are nuances. I know fashion brands collections very well so I don't overreact if I see someone wearing brand clothes. But I would rather feel interest to someone who is dressed stylish, not pretentiously and unusually. For example recent observation: a plunging black velvet dress. Heavy invoice material but the model was presented absolutely ascetic. The girl dressed this way attracted my sight immediately. Sometimes on the opposite details are important. Too simple dress might be enlightened by a beautiful brooch or clasp made of the Netsuke figure. And here's the power again power of experimentation.
There are people who dress to go to the office, they don't show much interest to clothes. I think they are not listening to their inner state of energy and miss a part of life. For me it is a freedom of expressing myself, of playing a game, braveness, ability to risk. It is an ability to change still being yourself.