The cult of the body dictating a bodypositive attitude, the latter and the summer weather combined define the latest fashion trends. Such are the results of the Spring-Summer 2023 Fashion Shows in NYC, London, Milan, and Paris.
The eclectics of the shows and a strong focus on transparency, lightness, and bright colours suggest becoming open and sincere in the summer-like manner, winter-like body hiding over. So, if you are up to being trendy, do not be afraid to stand up for yourself and do take some notes. Guzal Ergasheva, World Arabia Fashion Editor, dwells on the latest trends to be taken on board in this spring-summer season.


Guzal Ergasheva

Here is the latest catwalk news about the Spring-Summer 2023 Fashion Shows according to Guzal Ergasheva, World Arabia Fashion Editor, co-founder of Russian Social Club, co-owner of Privé7, a top fashion stylist of luxury brands, and fashion influencer


It is a season that has been a long time coming, everybody looking forward to relaxing, accumulating impressions, and the latest fashion trends on the catwalks - this time, many indeed.

Drawing inspiration from the past fashion epochs, brand creative directors modernise them to resonate with the vibes of today. An eclectic, vintage, transparent, and light stylistics is what ladies lack in the autumn-winter season. Meanwhile, the combination seasoned with a portion of the bronzing Mediterranean sun, their summer — its fashion looks caught in an array of fabulous photos — is absolutely sure to be a tremendous success.



Molly Goddard

The colours of the season are once again periwinkle blue, aka PANTONE Very Peri as well as Lime Love Bird, Orange Tangelo, and Beetroot Purple Fuchsia.



Christopher Kane

Just like last year, the cult of the body is domineering in this season. And it’s not only Gabriela Hearst and LaQuan Smith who are singing a song of physicality by means of their gowns, decorated with breast-shaped gold and silver pads, or Christopher Kane with his plastic bodices. Many other designers are also invariably interested in lingerie — Miu Miu, Tom Ford, Thom Brawne, and Maison Magiela fashionable bras and panties, showcasing a body-positive approach. In the meantime, delicate fetishes — straps, looking very much like suspender belts — are the highlight of the Alessandro Michele collection.




The summer 2023 bag trends is a dominating lineup of laid-back colourful adventurous beachy straw purses and crochet totes.



Miu Miu

Cargo is pushing the limits — now, patch pockets are to be found not only on trousers but also on Blumarine bras and Miu Miu skirts. The latter are definitely destined to become the season’s major IT items.




JW Anderson has produced a fish bag, but, no, at the end of the day, it’s a gown after all. In the meantime, modern pixel-based art in the Loewe computer game is used as a protest against the domineering 3D graphics. However, the catwalk is real while the pixels are to be found only on the clothes showcased. Meanwhile, Bottega Veneta flannel shirt turns out to be made of leather.




The third trend, never losing relevance and always finding its niche, is Her Majesty Simplicity — Minimalism. Crop tops and bras are now replacing blouses, shirts, and T-shirts — the trend Dior, Miu Miu, Givenchy, and many other collections are in full line with. A brightly distinct touch of any look traditionally, crop tops in Lingerie Style go extremely well with trousers, jeans, shorts, Bermuda shorts, and low-rise skirts, fitting organically into elaborate outfits, featuring mantels and jackets.

Today, we see the same trendy style being showcased on shoes from other luxe retailers and fast-fashion brands alike. It is for sure a celeb- favourite shoe style that we don't see going away anytime soon



Lorenzo Serafini

Fans of animal prints should take a close look at some new collections — next spring’s fashion style will definitely be ruled by the python. Khaite Designer was inspired to take this turn by Nicolas Cage’s character’s python-skin jacket, featuring in ‘Wild at Heart’, a David Lynch iconic film, so loved by many.




Designers are expanding beyond the borders of tradi- tional shoe shapes and bringing interesting architectural details to heels — at Dries Van Noten, curved golden heels glistened like a Boccioni sculpture, and at Off-White, go-go boots seemed like they could go-go anywhere with a chunky silver heel seemingly made of curling rounds of wire. Platforms and flatforms undulated in curved designs — see: Schiaparelli’s golden cap-toe slingbacks or Shang Xia’s delicate slippers, floating on what appeared to be a ceramic platform.



Proenza Schouler
Proenza Schouler

This spring & summer, bubble-style skirts and dresses are an absolute trend. Unseen on cat- walks for quite a while, these round airy shapes are sure to delight us in this season.



Marli Jewelry

A row of MARLI New York’s signature pyramid-shaped gemstones—representing LIFE’s major elements—appears as a ring and hinge bracelet, available in 18K rose gold and white gold. From the harmony of green agate to the playfulness of pink opal, the gemstone pieces cultivate contrasts with twin rows of shimmering pavé and paved inner bands.




A while ago, plisse was losing ground, being replaced by less romantic designs. But now, always feminine and invariably extraordinary, it’s back on the catwalks, celebrating its triumphant return — in Peter Do multitiered costumes, Rokh mixture of different-width pleats, and the irresistible small pleating, breaking through in Loewe, Thom Browne, and Sacai unexpected designs of skirts, shirts, and tops.



Simon Rocha

Metallic is a foil fabric, now used not only in the daytime looks but also in the evening ones, say, by Simone Rocha.



Alberta Feretti
Saint Laurent

It’s one of my most loved trends, always represented in my wardrobe. Whoever does not like enigmas? Glasses on with hood pulled over, you do look both mysterious and stylish! This time, Versace, Alberta Feretti, and Lanvin Designers have presented, among other things, even hooded gowns!



Simone Rocha
Rick Owens

Modern life lacking romance, fashion designers have decided to make use of tulle • the airiest of all fabrics. But without a pinch of intrigue, even romance is vapid — in Paris, quite contrary to the trend, Giambattista Valli presented no big dresses at all, while Rick Owens showcased a whole collection of gowns for a doll princess in various shades of pink.



Dolce & Gabbana

Gloves tend to be in trend not just in autumn or winter. It is yetanother accessory that is still around in spring and summer. However, they are trending in a more exciting way • plastic waterbubble-looking gloves, and trendy zip-up gloves • H2O reimaginedin a more fashionable light. They are definitely worth trying in thelong evening elbow-length or with an animal-print outfit.




Romantic views of summer sunsets and sunrises have prompted some designers to add touches of sunshine — from yellow to fire-orange — to their usual colour schemes. For one, inspired by the sunset and predawn skies, Maximillian Davis, Ferragamo new Creative Director, has painted the summer solar cycle, using the gradient colouring technique.

Bottega Veneta