President Sheikh Mohamed has issued two federal decrees establishing the UAE Council for Fatwa and appointing Abdullah bin Bayyah as its Chairman with the Ministerial Grade. The Council comprises Dr Omar Habtoor Al Darei as Vice Chairman, along with Dr Khalifa Mubarak Al Dhaheri, Dr Ahmed Abdel Aziz Al Haddad, Jamal Salem Al Turaifi, Dr Ibrahim Obaid Ali Al Ali, Abdul Rahman Ali Humaid Al Shamsi, Dr Ahmed Ibrahim Al Tunaiji, and Dr Fatma Al Dahmani. The UAE Council for Fatwa is the official body responsible for issuing fatwas in the UAE, aiming to harmonize efforts, perspectives, and goals to enhance the strategies, policies, and laws concerning fatwas. The council's duties include issuing general, urgent, and novel fatwas on diverse issues, conducting research in the field of fatwas, offering legal insights on related laws, authorizing the issuance of fatwas, and enhancing the capabilities of muftis through training.