Educators in the UAE are encouraging students to maintain their school routine and not miss the final weeks of learning, especially as many families plan to travel during Eid Al Adha and the extended summer break. It is important to note that these last weeks often involve crucial assessments, final projects, and preparations for the upcoming academic year. Therefore, it is recommended that families schedule vacations during official school breaks to avoid missing significant academic periods. The Ministry of Education (MOE) stipulates that summer vacation should not exceed 8.2 weeks, a rule that applies to all institutions and is also important for parents to acknowledge. Amy Cooper, Pastoral Director at GEMS Wellington Academy — Silicon Oasis, emphasized the importance of these final weeks for reinforcing skills and correcting learning misconceptions before the summer break. She also highlighted the potential for significant learning loss due to extended absences, especially in subjects that require continuous practice. Schools in the UAE are currently focusing on preparing students for the next academic year, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. Parents are advised to understand their child’s school’s plans before deciding on early departures. Sangita Chima, Principal of Amity School Dubai, noted the importance of a smooth transition from school to home rhythm and the benefits of a flipped classroom approach for reflection on learning. Vicky Martin, Head of Primary at GEMS World Academy – Abu Dhabi, provided practical tips for enhancing learning during the summer, such as using cooking for math and chemistry lessons, turning grocery shopping into a math exercise, and utilizing road trips for discussions on geography and history.