Numerous students and educators kicked off their Friday by joining the 'Walk for Inclusivity' event. Organized by the Gems Legacy School, this initiative aimed to honor and advocate for inclusion and diversity, as well as emphasize the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The three-kilometer walk was designed to boost the physical, social, and emotional health of all students, including those with special needs, both within the school and the broader local community. Mukesh Khurana, a local businessman, found the event particularly meaningful as he participated with his twin children, both in grade 4, one of whom, Aryan, has special needs. Aryan expressed his joy, stating, 'I love walking with my friends and teachers. It makes me feel happy and included.' The event was not just a walkathon but a festivity of diversity and a pledge to foster a supportive, health-conscious community. Aya Attia El Shazly, the Arabic coordinator at the school, emphasized the event's role in encouraging healthy, active lives for all students, especially those with special needs. Following the walk, participants listened to inspiring messages from fitness influencers and motivational speakers, reinforcing the importance of daily walks for physical and mental health. The event showcased the spirit of inclusivity and determination cherished by both the school and the UAE, involving various centers like MERINT Determination Centre and Al Noor Centre. Asha Alexander, the principal of GEMS Legacy School, highlighted the unity and strength of the school community, emphasizing that physical fitness is crucial for both a healthy body and creative intellectual activity.