I. G. Erenburg spoke of that some people are sculptured of wax, while the others are carved of stone. His being sure of this was the question of beliefs but nature and a human often makes the choice of the way less corresponding to the material being made of. But if we are the continuation of those who had been here before us, does it mean that our "material" is predestined? About the meaning of our ancestors' life experience in present, necessity of their coming back to life so as to understand yours is pondering our constant columnist, CEO AVRORACLINIC Liana Davidyan.

The man, being asked about what he does and what he is up perhaps it won't be right beginning the story with formal data: when and where he was born, where he studied, what he achieved. To have an idea of a man, no less significantly to know what he is made of and how he had become such a person. I shall absolutely say about myself exactly: if there hadn't been the stories of my grand-grand parents' destinies, probably nowadays there wouldn't have been myself being of that kind. My being is not only different people's genes embodied in me, a huge influence on my character and attitude to life made those stories, heard by as a child. That can sound sacrilegiously but for the Armenian genocide of 1915 there wouldn't be me either.

At that time my great grandmother and her sister escaped from Kars, rescued from massacre in Ottoman empire. Their parents disappeared — probably killed, — nonetheless had managed to save their daughters having hidden them in bales belonging to Russian merchants, the colleagues of their father's. Through the trade route the girls got to Rostov, from where, later, set off to Tbilisi, then to Baku, where my great grandmother gave birth to my grandmother, from whom I heard all this story. In it, such a short, but strong — there is the way, passed by tens of thousands of my fellow countrymen.
Two years ago I attended one of my Karabagh great grandfather's tomb. The dates of life carved on the tombstone point at the 18 th century. It is hard to explain my feelings near this weather and time beaten stone, underneath buried my unknown and unseen relative. Standing there, I suddenly understood exactly one more time: I didn't simply appear for my beloved mother and father — several generations of my ancestors merged in me. The perception of my being as a long way, incredibly inspires and lets touch pure value so often forgotten by people due to the chasing of something ephemeral. The way gone by the man is simultaneously the way gone by his ancestors.

We forget history is built up not only by states and great personalities, it's in every family, it reflects the world history. If take any of us and try to explain the way how we have come to this or that life here and now, a lot will be explained and understood. Gabriel Garcia Márquez wrote that people have no collective memory and thus all mankind's mistakes will be repeated. I can surely say that collective memory exists but, only a few possess the accessible channel to this memory. Remembering is complicated in general. People quickly forget the negative. But memory exists. There is only the trouble as people do not address to it. Indeed, we know everything, but have forgotten.
Have you noticed at least once in your life that responding to the given question in your head appears the analogy. This has happend before. The same situation, just in another generation. With another heroes. At another place. This happens to me with the envied regularity. Almost always something like that happened in my life or in the life of my acquainted, I could read about it in literature, see in a film, find out it in history. Everything repeats. I haven't met anything jumping out for the last years. Apart from human stupidity. It is endless. The only thing that continues to make surprises for me.
Memorizing isn't exciting for the majority of people. As it isn't enough to repeat the way gone already. Many want to differentiate: those didn't succeed, but we would. History teaches, but unfortunately there are few diligent students. And people will step twice into the same water. Only if some particular rise in the mind will happen. Then they will understand the way gone by them is the treaded path by those who had been before.
Trying to understand what had led our ancestors in their life, making conclusions out of it and using them in our own life — is particular knowledge sometimes opened by, but only few of us. And I would like to learn if it is possible to distinguish wrong directions and stop in time. That is hard to do. Especially, when some energy had already been spent and you're eager to get the result. But sometimes there are the cases, when reaching some definite point, the result stops being possible. Learning to feel the way you are going this isn't the way at all, but a branch, every time it happens just turn back or look for the other variant of coming back to the right path — this is my main wish to myself and all future generations.