The WTA announced a long-term partnership with the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund (PIF) on Monday, following in the footsteps of a similar deal made by the ATP in February. The collaboration aims to promote women's professional tennis and encourage more women and girls worldwide to participate in the sport.

Marina Storti, CEO of WTA Ventures, expressed enthusiasm for showcasing the journey of their talented players throughout the season, contributing to the sport's expansion, building a larger fan base, and inspiring more young individuals to embrace tennis.

As part of the partnership, PIF will become the inaugural naming partner of the WTA Rankings, with Mohamed Alsayyad of PIF emphasizing their commitment to fostering the growth of women's sports and aligning with their global ambitions to enhance the sport.

Moreover, the WTA announced that the season-ending WTA Finals, featuring the top eight singles players and doubles pairings, will be hosted in Riyadh for the next three years, commencing this year. This development follows the successful hosting of the first ATP Tour event in the kingdom last year and their efforts in attracting top-tier athletes from various sports.