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Dubai is famous not only for its upscale restaurants with exquisite cuisines from around the world, but also for its casual atmosphere. Restaurants in Dubai are great for relaxing after a hard day's work and experiencing the local culture.
This article compiles the best restaurants with a relaxed atmosphere, where everyone will find a place to suit their tastes. Here you will find both traditional Dubai cuisine and international dishes.
SOON Izakaya

Soon Izakaya

Downtown Dubai is famous not only for its sights, but also for its great choice of gastronomic places. SOON Izakaya restaurant is located in the heart of Dubai. In this place modern Dubai design harmoniously intertwines with traditional Japanese cuisine and cozy atmosphere of Tokyo.
The design of SOON Izakaya restaurant is inspired by anime, games and karaoke. Here, modern style harmonizes with the aesthetics of the 1980s. This atmosphere will especially appeal to those who are fans of Japanese style.
SOON Izakaya offers a wide range of dishes. Here you will find both classic sushi and grilled sushi served with warm snacks. Each dish is prepared with love by the best chefs of the Emirate of Dubai.
If you don't know where to spend a casual dining in Dubai, SOON Izakaya is one of the best options. Gather a group of true connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine and enjoy the hospitality and light atmosphere of the restaurant.
Terra Eatery

Terra Eatery

For lovers of proper nutrition Dubai offers to visit Terra Eatery. This restaurant attracts visitors not only by its relaxed atmosphere, but also by its philosophy of healthy lifestyle. The menu of Terra Eatery is full of dishes made of organic and all-natural ingredients. Here you will find the best casual breakfast or lunch.
If you decide to stay in this place, you should definitely try the snails. Many visitors note their special flavor.
The pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant is created not only by the set of dishes, but also by the exterior decoration. The space is dominated by natural materials and live plants. In this place you can forget about the hustle and bustle of Dubai and truly relax.
Terra Eatery restaurant offers a choice of superfood breakfasts, delicious lunches and nutritious dinners. So, if you truly appreciate the idea of healthy eating, be sure to visit this place.

Novikov Dubai

At Novikov restaurant in Dubai, Western cuisine meets Eastern, offering visitors a wide range of dishes. The restaurant was founded by the famous restaurateur Arkady Novikov, who was able to combine in one place a relaxed atmosphere and exquisite design with elements of luxury.
Cafe Novikov is located in the world's largest shopping center, Dubai Mall. Here you can relax after a long walk or take a break between shopping.
The main feature of "Novikov" is an open kitchen. Visitors can watch the cooking process right from their seats. This makes the restaurant particularly interesting to visit.
The interior of Novikov restaurant is made in a modern style with elements of oriental decor. Facility's halls are decorated in such a way that everyone can find a place to their liking. And it does not matter whether you want to organize a romantic dinner in Dubai or a meeting with friends.
If you are looking for a place in Dubai, where you can have a good time and enjoy delicious food from top-class chefs, then visit Novikov restaurant. Exquisite cuisine of the place will not leave you indifferent.
Ellis Cafe

Elli's Cafe

Ellis Cafe stands out from other restaurants in Dubai not only because of its appearance, but also because of the relaxed atmosphere that reigns inside the cafe. The establishment is located in a picturesque area of Dubai and attracts visitors with its friendliness and hospitality.
Ellis Cafe is made in light colors with wooden accents. Large windows fill the room with natural light, making the dining experience or breakfast a particularly pleasant one.
Ellis Cafe offers a wide range of drinks for its visitors, from coffee to light smoothies and freeshes. Those who want to enjoy their food can choose from salads, freshly prepared desserts or light appetizers. You can have your best casual breakfast or snack at this place.
Another feature of Ellis Cafe is kosher cuisine. It follows the canons written in the holy Jewish book. This makes the cafe a good place for those who observe religious traditions.
Ellis Cafe pays special attention to the comfort of guests. Here you can find both free Wi-Fi and separate areas, which will be especially relevant for those who like to work in the cafe. In the evening the place is being transformed, offering visitors live music or themed nights.
Mob is a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere, where you can not only have a cool time and delicious food, but also feel relaxed. It is cozy like home, which is why many visitors want to come back here again and again.
Mob Restaurant is conveniently located on the first floor of the Kempinski Hotel in the Mall of Emirates. Every visitor staying at the hotel can enjoy a delicious meal without interrupting their vacation or shopping. The restaurant has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere and offers its guests food and drinks with a low average check.
Speaking about the restaurant's design, it is impossible not to mention its calm style. Modern decoration with accents on natural materials prevails inside the place. The open kitchen allows guests to watch the preparation of their dishes, which makes the impression of the restaurant even better.
The peculiarities of Mob restaurant's menu are also striking. Cuisines from all over the world are gathered here. You can find both Mediterranean appetizers and Asian delicacies. Special attention in the restaurant deserves author's cocktails, which make any dining experience or casual dining in Dubai even better.
Be sure to visit this restaurant if you are attracted not only by its cozy atmosphere but also by its cooking innovations.


Another unique place that downtown Dubai can boast of is Sfumato restaurant. It is a place where every dish becomes a real work of art. The design of the restaurant is simple but tasteful. Inside the room there is a lot of light, comfortable chairs and a pleasant relaxed atmosphere.
Sfumato offers its visitors a wide choice of menu, where both classic and absolutely new and interesting dishes are presented. Sfumato's cooks care not only about the taste, but also about the appearance of the dish. So don't be surprised if you want to take a picture of it as a keepsake.
Sfumato's mission is to prove that luxury can be affordable. All dishes are prepared with home-made products. Vegetables and roots are very often found among the main ingredients.
The restaurant combines simplicity and quality well together, making it a great place to take a break from bustling Dubai and enjoy the pleasant surroundings whether with friends or alone.



A piece of France can be found even in crowded Dubai. Josette French cuisine restaurant will help you in this. Exquisite presentation and special taste of each dish will take you to the narrow streets of Paris.
Restaurant's interior is made in classic French style. And to make visitors feel more comfortable, it is supplemented with modern accents and decor items. Soft lighting and subdued music create a special atmosphere in Josette. It is a perfect option to spend a quiet, relaxed dinner in Dubai.
 The restaurant's menu is made in accordance with the regional cuisine of France. Here you can find classic appetizers, desserts and hot dishes. The choice of wines and cheeses is also noteworthy, which will be a good addition to the main course.
Many visitors note the size of the portions. They are not too large, but hearty enough. This allows you to try several hot dishes at once and leave room for dessert.
Josette is more than just a restaurant. Every visit to this place is a new journey. If you are a fan of delicious French cuisine, Josette restaurant is waiting for you.
Maya Bay

Maya Bay

Maya bay will be a great vacation spot for lovers of Thai cuisine. Here you can please yourself with mouthwatering soups, fresh salads and amazing desserts.
Enjoy the atmosphere of Thailand not only by dishes, but also by the funky interior of the restaurant. Along with modern Asian style one can see elements of nature in the restaurant. This makes Maya bay a fresher and more comfortable place and helps to forget about the city hustle and bustle.
Maya bay restaurant is located in the hotel of the same name in the beautiful turtle lagoon of Jumeirah Al Naseem.
Maya bay restaurant will give you unforgettable memories and is sure to become a favorite place to visit. A quick breakfast, lunch experience or a romantic dinner spent at Maya bay will leave only positive impressions.
Dubai is a place of endless possibilities, including in the world of gastronomy. The choice of restaurants with a relaxed atmosphere in the emirate is truly impressive. It is important to remember that such an atmosphere does not mean a lack of sophistication and taste. Dubai restaurants are places where high quality food is combined with a warm hospitality.
When choosing the best restaurant to visit in Dubai, it is important to consider not only your cooking preferences but also the overall dining experience you want. Whether you wish to take a gastronomic journey to France, explore Asian cuisine or have a classic dinner in Dubai, there is a place to suit your desires.

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