Located in Dubai’s key shopping hotspots, Cipriani Dolci takes the luxury lifestyle to a new level, allowing you to enjoy the finest food, including world-famous instagrammable desserts, pleasing both to your palate and eye.

The restaurant stays true to the iconic Cipriani-style design, featuring elegant blue & white nautical aesthetics, glossy wooden interiors, complete with polished steel finishes, and signature brown leather chairs.

Through Cipriani Dolci, the original Venetian Harry’s Bar’s well-maintained spirit sets foot in Dubai’s modernity. The venue offers all-day casual dining, renowned for its tramezzini, pastries, desserts, mocktails, and a selection of great Cipriani classics. Pasticceria’s distinct feature, taking centre stage, is a classical vitrine display of artisanal pastries and savory delicacies. No foodie can pass by without, at least, making a snapshot of these sweeties.

Cipriani Dolci, The Dubai Mall,
Mall of the Emirates, Marina Mall

Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.

Instagram: @ciprianidolci