Money is nominal today. Many people refused to carry real wallets, some even forgot when they payed with bank card for the last time. But money exist and have a defined value. Its own for every person and business. Our columnist, organizer of a high level business event Synergy Global Forum, Director of Business School 'Synergia', Grigoriy Avetov speaks on business, currency and future values.

Money is not provided or supported by anything for a long time, even by usual currency. It has its reputation and State they belong to brand behind it but not more than that, no one counts for a long time or checks the conformity. If talking about value in Russia connections value much today. They have a high price, cost a lot of money, the 'body accessibility' is sold at a high price by those who have and give access. A meeting with the head of a government, with a minister, governor even President can be organized. These meetings are estimated in some zeros quantity. You can meet billionaire Elon Musk and even the President of America Donald Trump if you have enough money.

Besides this you should be effective. It doesn't matter if you have capital, it's enough to have a big network and ability to pick important and work on it. And that's it, your capital can be estimated in a million, ten, hundred millions. It is not earned yet but having this ability guarantees you'll earn it because your abilities are very accurately monetized. I don't like phrase 'While you work you have no time to earn money' but it reflects precisely the situation. Its logic and sense are these: when you work much you can easily loose the dominant. There are people who earn very much working not much. They are all united by one important quality, ability to separate the dominant and keep it in mind. They feel that main important stream and work on it. An ordinary person can always miss the target or like in the Naval Combat game hit around, wounding ships but not winning. He spends twelve hours daily on apparently important things but capital doesn't grow because he doesn't have this skill. It is expensive, this field where really big money exist. And people all over the world lack this skill. First one to mention it was Bryan Tracy who described this quality in Carnegie's biography. He described the way Carnegie became rich by learning to write ten main important things he had to accomplish in a day on the piece of paper. It is a very important characteristic not to sink in the routine, do the main thing.
Most population on Earth doesn't possess the possibility to capitalize every step in fold size using intuition without being a workaholic and solve problems with income potential 'x1000'. So many of businessmen, generations of them are workaholics. Many people grow mostly with the help of intellectual potential and stories about network which brought you to the Forbes 10 will finish and intellectual potential will be on top. Ability to be effective can be developed and intellect can be pumped up. I see how my students do this. There are company owners with billion assets among them. I'm sure that they will become very rich because their chances to have billions on their personal accounts are very high.

If we speak about the future it is IT, block chains and crypto currency. I like the crypto currency idea, it is future money. Same as today's money crypto currency is not supported by anything it is a pure 'drawn story'. It is a very interesting story of the opposite to traditional currencies based on algorithms. A new turn in money history. Many different currencies will be in crypto they will be changed at a higher than bitcoin price and carry additional values and interests. I am sure that there will appear much more new and interesting in this field after bitcoin and ethereum in the next ten years. New money will be connected to the new type of business, block chains and it is important to re-equip fast.

Old business models become archaic. People who are used to think in old categories still open restaurants and beauty shops thinking that they will become rich by doing something they know very well. It is a logical mistake. I doubt that big success will come to a woman who spends ten-twenty millions to open a beauty center in a good place in the middle of Moscow with good walls, good paint, expensive stuff to serve for other rich women. I have many questions about it same as restaurant business. This kind of activity will never be 'x1000'. You can't make a good money on it. You can't capitalize your restaurant no matter how cool it is.

Contacts plus networking is equal to monetizing that's how I estimate serious business perspective. Next ten years and many years ahead will capitalize everything connected with IT industry. When you look at the company you estimate it high because it has a serious base, know - how and cool coworkers. It is not equivalent to what this company earns. For example Tesla is unprofitable but it's capitalizing is significant and owner Elon Musk is billionaire. In a paradox way money itself is not that much important: many richest people live in modest houses, don't have two Bentley, don't wear Gucci and would never put on golden chains. They don't have to be rich to buy themselves everything they can buy or to become 'free'. It is important for them to be useful in this world. To be a useful part of this world is their true effectiveness as they see it.
I know many people who made money on some boring business. And they even don't talk about it aloud. But now they want to use all of their energy, all of their capital to attract others by their ideas, to become a humanistic ideas missionaries. They invest money, make crazy projects, unprofitable at the beginning or not much profitable but with the big resonance same as the waves from the stone thrown into water. For many of them money is a symbol of effectiveness of their useful actions. And I understand this position well.