Love lake Dubai - why we love this lake in the desert
One of the most romantic places in Dubai ★ Heart shaped lake in the desert ✓ Why should you visit this place?

Love Lake hearts

In the heart of endless desert, hides a gem that has won the hearts of many travelers - Love Lake. Its picture-perfect nature and atmosphere of romance have made it one of the most beautiful places in Dubai and an ideal choice for couples looking for tranquility and beauty in the busy city.
The Lake of Love is not only stunning in its splendor, but also offers visitors plenty of activities, from peaceful walks along the shore to picnics at sunset - there's something for everyone!
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Where's the location?
Love lake is located in the Al Qudra area of the northeastern part of the Rub Al Khali desert, 40 km from Dubai. Therefore, the fastest and most convenient way to get to the lake is by car.
If there is no possibility to get there by car, there is an option of a 20-minute bus ride.
The way to the lake is an amazing adventure, as it leads through sand dunes. It is here, among the picturesque expanses, you can truly feel the enchanting atmosphere of the desert and enjoy the silence, broken only by the whisper of the wind.
It is recommended to plan the route of the trip in advance.
Love lake, what is it?
The body of water is shaped like two intertwined hearts, with a view that can only be seen from a bird's eye view.
Near the lake there is a specially equipped picnic area with tables and benches where families and lovers can enjoy the sunset.
For those who prefer an active pastime, there are 3 jogging paths with a total length of 7 kilometers, which are illuminated at night. You can also ride a bicycle in the fenced area of the Love lake park.
For even more romance, thousands of flowers are planted around the Lake of Love, creating not only a colorful frame, but also a unique fragrance, about 16000 trees grow. You can see many species of birds that come here for wintering.
In the evening, when the sun begins to set over the horizon, the lake turns into a natural mirror reflecting the glow of the sunset. This place is the perfect choice for a secluded stroll, maybe even a marriage proposal.
Interesting fact: from the sky, thousands of planted trees form the word "Love".
Love Lake tourism
This place was opened in November 2018, and over the years it has become highly attractive among tourists.
Love lake in Dubai is a place from fairy tale that gives you a chance to feel like the heroes of a beautiful love story.
People from all over the world come here to have a look at this miracle and make unforgettable photos. Almost everything here is made in the shape of a heart: flowers, trees and even a sports ground.
Love lake gained great popularity after Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, posted a picture in his Instagram account.
Tip: The best time to travel to this area is during winter time. As the summer heat can make your outing a real challenge.
What do you need to know before traveling to Love Lake?
·       Open 24/7 every day
·       Free entrance.
·       Feeding the wildlife is strictly prohibited.
·       A map of the lake and the park is engraved on a wooden board near the entrance.
·       Due to the lack of shopping centers and restaurants nearby, you must bring your own food and water.
·       Night camping with a tent is possible, but only in specially designated areas.
·       If you want to fly a drone, you need to get permission from the authorities.
·       High heels are prohibited in some parts of the park
·       Swimming in the lake is prohibited

Love Lake sign

A symbol of environmental responsibility
Lova Lake is not only a place for romantics, but also a great example of environmental care.
It is a testament to Dubai's eco-friendly future. Every corner of this place is an example of eco-friendliness. The park benches, fabric canopies are made of biodegradable materials. You can see pools made of bamboo and wood. The lake has been designed to minimize water and energy consumption.
Visitors are strongly advised to avoid dumping garbage, refrain from swimming in the lake and respect a fishing ban to protect the natural ecosystem.
It is recommended to observe wildlife from a distance without disturbing it. And safety measures are prescribed to prevent accidental fires, such as designated areas for barbecues.
Two Intertwined Hearts is a large refuge lake for many species of birds, part of a larger environmental project.
The Lake of Love is not just a reservoir, it is a place where every rock on the shore reminds us of the importance of love and what it can do to the world around us.