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Every country is wonderful and unique in its own way, but this one is very similar to the solar beginning of human civilisation. It’s just like its first hot exhale. Seven thousand years ago, its area was covered by mangle forests. Now, millennia later and after so many climatic changes, a new dream citadel is being created here – a sunny community of good hope. His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, and the Ruler of Dubai, has announced that in 20 years’ time, 60 per cent of the emirate’s land will be a green space. Dubai is turning into an absolutely fantastic oasis, surrounded by the golden sands of history. The city is bustling with young energy, motion, creativity, and growth. It is, indeed, a unique Wonder of the modern world. A barren desert just a few decades ago, now, Dubai is the world’s most comfortable luxury holiday destination. 1979 saw the construction of its first sky-scraper, while today, the city is already the fifth on the world list in their number. It is, for a fact, a new Babylon, whose purpose is not to reach for the skies but to celebrate & commemorate the art of human work. As a famous Arabian proverb goes, ‘The dust of labour is better than the saffron of idleness’. In the meantime, the first UAE president Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s formula: ‘Man is the supreme value’ has become the country’s implicit motto. So, no wonder, Dubai attracts the most active individuals from all over the world – Great Britain, Russia, India, and the rest of Asia, to name just a few places. The city’s doors are open to all dreams and talents.

After getting into this thick of events and energy, you find yourself in the eye of a storm, whirling at a breakneck pace. It feels like being carried away by a relentless whelm, allowing no mistakes or failures. It’s only natural, Dubai welcoming top professionals, offering them a higher level of self-realisation. It’s like an MBA programme for a growing leader. Those able to keep their balance are sure to find their own streams in this mighty flow and be happy to discover a world of open doors and bound- less opportunities to realise the most challenging ideas, with no limits to the flight of human thinking, where it’s up to each and every individual to reach the best of their capacity and hit the right road.

The builders of the first skyscraper in human history – The Tower of Babel – were inspired by their daring dream to make it to the skies and challenge God. Punished by the Confusion, they failed in their effort, as deprived of a common language, they started feuding with each other, eventually dispersing all over the planet. The XXIst century gives us a great chance to become aware of a very simple thing – our common language is that of love and mutual respect. If we realise that, our sky- scraper will be not a challenge but a hand, extended to peace and harmony. May it be Our New Hope! And the main one!

In your hands, you have the first issue of World Arabia. I am really happy to share this moment of history with all readers of our magazine. In the hard times we’re all going through, my team and I have decided to try and create a new space, uniting all of us by means of timeless themes – Hope and Love. We’re standing before a blank canvas of the future. We invite you to join us to fill it with your stories. In the new land of Dubai.